28 Sep
Business Cool dest

Business Cool places TBS Education 7th in terms of MIM graduate satisfaction

To compile the ranking, Business Cool has used data from the FT's list of the best Masters in Management.

28 Sep
Master in Management vs MBA. Which Program to Choose?

Master in Management vs MBA: What to study in 2024?

 Are you interested in business management? Which master’s program is best for you? Consider the differences between a Master in Management (MiM) and an MBA.   Both programs will help you gain management skills, knowledge, and connections. But what sets them apart?   Master in Management vs MBA. Which Program to Choose? In this infographic we […]

18 Sep
Welcoming 3rd year Bachelor in Management, a special guest is visiting TBS Education: COCOMAT ceo

Paul Efmorfidis, Coco-mat CEO, shares insights at TBS Education

On the occasion of the welcome session for third-year Bachelor in Management students, we received an exceptional visitor on campus.

09 Dec
BCN TBS Financial Times

Our Master in Management ranks 37th in Financial Times

TBS Education continues climbing the prestigious Financial Times international ranking of Masters in Management.

24 Aug
leadership skills TBS EDUCATION

Developing leadership skills in Management

In the realm of business management, effective leadership plays a pivotal role in driving success and achieving organizational goals. While some individuals may possess innate leadership qualities, leadership skills can also be developed and honed through various strategies and practices.  Leadership skills are vital for successful management. TBS Education, for example, does not look for […]

20 Jul

Barcelona: Holding Strong as Europe’s 3rd Best City for Start-ups

According to European Startup Heatmap, one in five founders would choose Barcelona to set up their company.

12 Jul
financial magazine Ranking TBS Education MSC

MSC Fashion & Luxury Marketing: 9th in Financial Ranking

Our MSc program has placed itself as a reference for future professionals in the field.

07 Jun

Transforming Industries: The Impact of Generative AI in Business

ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney, DeepMind, Bard… probably you have heard about some of these technologies. They constantly appear in the media and have started a myriad of discussions about the potential business, social, and ethical implications of a new and much more powerful type of Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI. This emerging technology has the ability to […]

07 May
TBS education Barcelona Campus.

TBS Barcelona Campus: LEED Gold & WELL Platinum certifications

The new building has recently received LEED GOLD and WELL Platinum certifications for its commitment to high quality and sustainability standards.

07 Jun
What can you do with BIM

What can you do with a Business Management Degree?

If you’re considering pursuing a Business Management Degree, you’re likely wondering about the various career opportunities that await you upon graduation. A business management degree can open many doors to a wide range of professional paths. In this article, we will discuss career options for business management graduates and highlight exciting possibilities.  Employment by area  […]

18 Jul

Online session: International services

Do you have doubts about student visas, accommodation, or the procedures you have to carry out to come to TBS Education - Barcelona?

03 Oct
Porter’s 5 Forces | TBS Education-Barcelona

Porter’s 5 Forces for entrepreneurs

Joan Margarit goes into detail in the 5 forces of Michael Porter to elaborate a business plan for entrepreneurs.

15 Jun
Graduation Act Master in Management and MSc Class of 2022 | TBS Education-Barcelona

Graduation of Master in Management and MSc programs, class of 2022

The class of 2022 Master in Management and MSc 2022 programmes have graduated at the celebratory event in Toulouse.

06 Aug
French Tech Barcelona 2023 | TBS Education-Barcelona

The French Tech train arrives in Barcelona

The 4th edition of French Tech has started by the departure of the French Tech train from Perpignan to Barcelona. We have hosted a pitching session and an award ceremony at our campus with start-ups, investors and institutions.

22 Jun

Master in Management | Online information session

If you want to learn more about our Master in Management, do not miss out on our online information session!

02 Jun
Koha Online Library Catalog | TBS Education-Barcelona

Introducing TBS Education-Barcelona’s new library catalog

TBS Education-Barcelona has implemented a new library catalog software in order to improve the users' experience.

15 Jun

Bachelor in Management | Online information session

If you want to learn more about our Bachelor in Management, do not miss out on our online information session!

26 May
TBS Education-Barcelona | Barcelona is the leader in visitors to congresses and conventions

Barcelona, leader in visitors to congresses and conventions

Barcelona is the city that has received the most visitors in congresses and conventions in 2022.

25 May

Our Master in Management: 11th in Le Parisien Étudiant 2023

Our Master in Management has been placed in the 11th position in the ranking of the best postgraduate programs offered by business schools in France by Le Parisien Étudiant.

23 May
Where do I look for financing for entrepreneurship? TBS Education-Barcelona

Where do I look for financing for entrepreneurship?

This article gathers different finance sources for entrepreneurs, detailed by Joan Margarit.

18 May
Carole Delga Occitania TBS Education-Barcelona

Flavours of Occitania: Carole Delga visits TBS Education-Barcelona

Carole Delga, President of the Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region, visited our campus in Barcelona.

15 May
Bachelor in Management | TBS Education-Barcelona

TBS Bachelor in Management: 2nd Most Popular Choice by high school students

Our Bachelor in Management program has been ranked 2nd in the Studyrama Grandes Écoles ranking 2023.

08 May

TBS Education-Barcelona and ASEM-Solutions: a resounding success

ASEM-Solutions has implemented video collaboration classrooms in the new TBS Education-Barcelona campus.

01 Jun

MSc programs | Online information session

If you want to learn more about our MSc programs, do not miss out on our online information session!

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