The tech sector in Barcelona continues to thrive, registering a remarkable 12.4% growth in 2023. This progress has brought the number of professionals in ICT companies to a total of 122,185, according to the recent ‘Digital Talent Overview 2024’ report by Mobile World Capital Barcelona. The addition of 13,500 new professionals reflects the ongoing success of the Catalan capital in this key sector.

MWC BCN 2024

Francesc Fajula, CEO of MWC Barcelona, highlighted that this growth is largely due to the recruitment of international talent, which accounts for 38% of the new employees, and vocational training, which contributes 30% of the new hires. This approach has positioned Barcelona as the third European city with the most prominence in the ICT sector, behind London and Amsterdam.

Despite a slight decrease in the demand for digital professionals, attributed to the reduction of capital funding for startups, the job market has seen a significant increase in the availability of professionals. With a ratio of 14.2 professionals for every job offer, the ICT sector in Barcelona remains dynamic and with reduced labor market tension compared to other sectors.

The report also highlights the crucial role of Catalan companies in generating employment. Seidor, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Glovo stand out among the top employers. Regarding the most sought-after profiles, web and app developers are in high demand, while emerging areas such as Blockchain, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) show significant growth.

However, the sector continues to face challenges in terms of gender parity, with only 30.6% of positions occupied by women. Additionally, although salaries have increased by 1.8%, reaching an average of €47,771, this rise has not kept pace with inflation.

Barcelona continues to solidify its position as a reference tech hub, leveraging international events like the Mobile World Congress to maintain its growth and global appeal. International talent has been a key factor in this success, and at TBS Education – Barcelona, we are ready to contribute to this trend with our MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics and MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation programs. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic and competitive tech sector.

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