TBS MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics
TBS Digital Marketing & Analytics
TBS MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

Learn how to combine multichannel digital strategies with data analytics to make decisions in the fast-growing marketing field. The TBS MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics program delivers a perfect blend of marketing strategy and analytics mastery that modern marketing roles require.


A perfect blend of marketing strategy
and analytics mastery

The innovative MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics program provides advanced training in data-driven marketing, equipping students with the latest skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s data-rich business environment. Based in Barcelona, one of Europe’s leading business hubs, this degree enables students to leverage data-driven insights to develop effective marketing strategies in the digital landscape.

In this MSc program, students will learn how to use the newest AI tools: Prompting, Image Generation, Text to video, Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, etc… and how to apply them to the marketing context. Furthermore, it will also allow you to get hands-on practice during an optional 4-to-6-month internship with a top national or international company.

With a deeply practical focus, the program will allow you to work on impactful projects with real companies that will allow you to experiment with what you have learned in class. Moreover, you will count on leading practitioners and internationally recognized academics who will lead you to a 360º immersion in the international marketing sector.

This program prepares students to navigate the dynamic digital marketing landscape, combining marketing expertise with analytics skills to drive business growth and success in the digital era.

Check if you meet the requirements to access this MSc program at the TBS Education – Barcelona campus.

Find the scholarship that best suits your profile and start imagining your future career with TBS Education.

The state-of-the-art building can host 1,100 students and is located in Barcelona’s innovation district.

Reasons to study the MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates digital marketing and marketing analytics. Students gain proficiency in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, marketing metrics, digital marketing, and marketing technology. The cross-disciplinary approach, combining core marketing courses with marketing analytics courses, produces well-rounded graduates.

The degree aligns with the industry demand for digital marketing and analytics talent. Companies across all sectors are seeking data-savvy marketers who can leverage analytics to optimize marketing strategy and campaigns. This TBS MSc program prepares students for these coveted roles.

The MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics equips students with highly demanded skills in the marketing industry regarding emerging technologies like AI: prompting, image generation, text to video, social network analysis, natural language processing, etc. The MSc also offers accreditations from companies like Google and Meta. 

The curriculum is carefully crafted to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of digital marketing, analytics, and their integration.

The program features instruction from our leading marketing and analytics faculty, as well as guest lectures from successful marketing analytics professionals. 

Studying the MSc Digital Marketing & Analytixs program will provide you with a proven boost to your employability. In fact, more than 97% of our MSc graduates find employment within 4 months of graduation. Our Career Starter Service also has its part to play, with 63% of our marketing internships ending in job offers from leading companies.

Our Soft Skills Certificate, which is integrated in the program classes, will allow you to acquire the soft skills currently that are valued within the modern business world. Our faculty, in collaboration with TBS Career Services, will provide you with personalized coaching tools to develop your career in digital marketing.

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