Barcelona has an extensive range of accommodations for students, including halls of residence and shared or private apartments.

The Catalan capital is a safe city that is full of diversity. It is divided into many neighborhoods each with its own personality and urban style.

Partner residences

Living the full TBS Education experience

TBS Education – Barcelona maintains special agreements with nearby residencies that offer special rates for TBS students. Choose Kley Barcelona, Aparto Barcelona Pallars or Aparto Barcelona Cristóbal de Moura and enjoy the convenience of living just minutes from the TBS Education campus in 22@.

Kley Barcelona

Aparto Barcelona Pallars

Aparto Barcelona Cristóbal de Moura

Online agencies for student apartments

Advantages: reserve accommodation from your home country more securely than on other online search portals; cheaper accommodation. How much: 300–700 euros per month.
TBS Recommendation: Badi.  

Search portals

If you prefer to look for an apartment or a room in shared accommodation independently, below are some portals/apps. But beware of scams: do not trust deals that seem too good to be true and never make any payments in advance.

Idealista Badi
Enalquiler Habitaclia

Hostels for short stays

Advantages: having a place to sleep and leaving your luggage for the first few days until you find your permanent accommodation. How much: 30–40 euros per night.
TBS recommendation: Sant Jordi Hostels.  

Other student residences

Advantages: reserve accommodation from your home country; live in a student-only environment; most include everything a student could need; avoid possible scams on online apartment search portals. How much: 700–1,100 euros per month.
TBS recommendation: Onix Residence; Diagonal Residence; Barcelona Residences; Balmes Residence; Mestral Mar; The Social Hub Barcelona Poblenou.  

Useful information

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