The MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing takes place over 3 terms. Thus, during the 1st term, you will learn the Marketing Foundations and familiarize yourself with the Fashion & Luxury industries. Moreover, you will face the Team Business Challenge.

In the 2nd term, you will be able to go deep into the different marketing & communication strategies that Fashion and Luxury firms currently implement. Moreover, you will work on a Company Consulting Project to put into practice what you have learned in class. Finally, you will benefit from our Company Visits Program.

In the 3rd term of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program, you will need to work on your Master’s Dissertation, supported by the TBS faculty. Additionally, you will have the chance to undertake a 4-to-6 month internship in a renowned national or international company.

Throughout the whole Master in Fashion & Luxury Marketing program, you will benefit from our Soft Skills Certificate.

*Non-contractual information. Courses are subject to change every academic year.

Marketing Foundations

This academic block is divided into 5 modules, designed to provide you with sound fundamentals in luxury marketing, fashion marketing, and both Fashion & Luxury industries.

Marketing Intelligence & Research

You will learn to systematically gather and analyze qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to products and services. This module is intended to understand the process that links firms and customers through information. The goal is to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix will have an impact on customers and their behavior.

  • Market Research
  • Big Data & Business Analytics
  • Marketing Arithmetic: Data Analysis for Marketing Decisions

Strategic Business Management

The convergence of technologies and the rapid changes in competitive environments have made it increasingly difficult for firms to compete and innovate by themselves. In this context, firms need to specialize while at the same time collaborating with other firms to complement their resources and skills. The main goal of this module is to understand how firms design business and marketing strategies to create value and uplift customer experience. This master’s in luxury management will equip you with all the professional skills that you will need in order to make successful decisions in the fashion and luxury industries.

  • Business & Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy & Brand Equity
  • Finance Controlling & Value-Based Management
  • CRM & Customer Experience Management

Integrated Marketing & Communications

Learn to communicate strong value propositions and drive customer engagement.

  • Communication Theory & Strategy
  • Integrated Communications Mix
  • Digital Communications
  • Managing a 360º Communication Plan & Related Budget

International Business Development

This module will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the business opportunities offered by international markets for luxury brands. Moreover, you will get prepared to address the challenges of tomorrow in this increasingly competitive and global luxury industry.

  • Business Ethics & Sustainability/Circular Economy
  • Marketing Case: International Business Development on the Chinese Market
  • Business Simulation in the Fashion & Luxury Industries
  • Practical Workshop: Innovation & Product Development

Research Methods & Fundamentals Business Skills I

This module will provide you with valuable research and business-qualified skills to achieve remarkable performance in today’s industries.

  • Introduction to Academic Research Methodology in Marketing
  • Marketing Research in Practice
  • IT Skills (Excel, Photoshop, iMovie, etc.)
  • Leadership Project & Change Management

Marketing in the Fashion & Luxury Industries

This academic block is divided into 4 modules based around the integration of marketing into the Fashion & Luxury Goods sector. The 2nd term of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program includes the following contents.

Understanding Luxury Markets & Consumers

You will build an in-depth knowledge of International Fashion & Luxury Markets and will better understand luxury customers, their motivations, and their behaviors. You will also gain insights into how companies are adapting their business strategies in order to respond to this new generation of global customers, more demanding, digital-savvy, and experience-oriented.

  • History of Luxury
  • Business Models & Strategies in the Fashion & Luxury Industry
  • Luxury Consumer Behavior

Implementing Marketing Strategies

In this module, you will learn how to implement a marketing strategy through the different variables of the marketing mix and how to develop and control an operational marketing plan. It is a practical approach through a marketing project based on the real challenges of a firm operating in the Fashion & Luxury industry.

  • Value Propositions for Fashion & Luxury Brands
  • Brand & Marketing Mix Management in Fashion & Luxury Markets
  • B2C Marketing Project

Retail & Sales Channels

You will get an overview of the various selective retail networks. Furthermore, you will understand the pillars to leverage retail network performances and deliver an outstanding omnichannel customer experience.

  • Business Negotiations & Purchasing
  • Sales Management in the Luxury Industry
  • Selective Retail Management & Omni-channel Strategy

Research Methods & Fundamental Business Skills II

  • Kick-Starting your professional project in the Luxury & Fashion industry.

Team Business Challenge

Move to action and join the operational mission of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program. Through this eminently practical team business challenge, you will design an action plan to drive customer engagement for a partner brand operating in the Fashion & Luxury industries. With it, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the brand’s DNA and analyze its touchpoints with the customer.

To guide customer engagement and brand loyalty, you will be in charge of building a 360º plan that will include:

  • Value proposal & branding
  • Social networks
  • Brand’s website & online customer experience
  • Brand content
  • Retail activation & experience

Soft Skills Certificate

During this module of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program, you will develop your management and leadership abilities in terms of people and behavioral skills that will help you effectively manage your career in the fashion and luxury industry. This certificate related to the luxury and fashion master was designed by 26 professors together with leadership and management professionals, in collaboration with TBS Career Starter.

Management & Leadership Skills

In this subject, you will acquire 9 key skills to lead teams and manage your professional career:

Personal Skills

  • Self-awareness
  • Communicating effectively
  • Lifelong learning

Leadership & Management

  • Building an inspiring vision
  • Leading teams
  • Responsible decision-making

Relational Impact

  • Managing interpersonal relationships
  • Building trust and well-being at work
  • Influencing effectively

Career Agility

This subject, run by TBS Career Starter, will help you reveal your talent and make choices in line with your deep aspirations.

Over the course of several lectures, workshops, individual tests, and coaching sessions, a specialist will support you from the start and help you find the right internship or job.

  • Coaching: We will help you reflect on your skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. Through personality tests and individual coaching, we will link your self-knowledge with your ambitions and career choices while you study our masters in luxury and brand management.
  • Personal Branding: You will participate in workshops to build your CV and e-portfolio to best highlight your experiences and skills for future employers.

Company Consulting Mission (SESAME)

You will become a consultant during a two-week, real-life, transversal, consultancy assignment!

A TBS partner company will submit a topical strategic issue to the class in a letter of engagement.

With support from TBS professors, students will work on a strategic diagnosis to analyze the company’s competitive position. Finally, they will propose strategic and operational recommendations to meet the challenges faced by the company.

This hands-on project will allow you to put into practice the skills and knowledge you have obtained during your MSc program.

Below are some examples of TBS partner companies that have collaborated with students in previous years:

  • Aerospace Valley
  • Airbus
  • Cap Gemini
  • Comtesse du Barry
  • Continental Automotive
  • EY
  • Hilti
  • Mars Petfoods
  • Motorola
  • Thalès
  • Rockwell & Collins

Company Visits Program

The master’s program offers you the chance to visit a number of fashion & luxury companies so that you can experience them from the inside. The visits will be directly related to the activities and projects on the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing course.

Some of the companies visited during previous years include:

  • Chanel
  • Hermès
  • L’Óreal
  • Mandarin Hotel
  • Puig

Master’s Dissertation

You will be asked to write an individual dissertation on a current marketing issue in the fashion & luxury industries from an academic or professional perspective. You will be making a contribution to the study, analysis, formalization, and abstraction of the identified issue. The write-up should reflect the following:

  • Motivation: Justifying the choice of the research problem or issue
  • Resourcefulness: Ability to start and conceptualize a piece of research
  • Creativity & common sense: Demonstration of a structured and logical methodology
  • Cross-functionality: Demonstration of a multidimensional approach to problem-solving

Submitting a suitable master’s thesis is a compulsory requirement for graduation.

Optional Internship

You will have the chance to work as an intern at a national or international company over a 4-to-6-month period. This internship is not a mandatory condition for graduation in any of our MSc programs: MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing, MSc International Financial Management & Control, MSc Marketing Management, MSc Tourism & Hospitality Management, and MSc International Business.

However, TBS encourages you to undertake an internship to supplement your training with professional experience in the fashion & luxury industries, as it would help towards better professional integration.

You would also be granted 10 additional ECTS credits to validate your acquired skills in the fashion marketing masters.

How do I find an internship?

TBS Career Starter will help you develop your skills and provide you with the professional tools you need to find the best internship to fit your career goals. You will also be provided with personalized coaching to get the most out of your internship experience.

Take into account that finding an internship can be a complex exercise that requires perseverance, autonomy, and initiative. This individual project, which you will help prepare for during the Career Starter workshops, will allow you to boost your employability and becomes an essential part of the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing program.

In previous academic years, our MSc students have interned in the following companies and organizations:

Qualification obtained

Once students have completed their studies, they will obtain the MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing in-house degree*, awarded by TBS Education. The corresponding diploma will be awarded in October of the graduation year. 

*In-house degrees are endorsed by the prestige of the university that grants them.

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