• Barcelona, Toulouse
  • English
  • 1 800€
  • 3 weeks
  • 12 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • 03 July 2023
  • 09 June 2023

During the Barcelona Summer School, you will be provided with an entrepreneurial approach to business from a digital perspective.

You will need to take 2 compulsory academic modules, each worth a total of 6 ECTS credits, from the following list:

As technology becomes a commodity, marketing is the key to a successful and profitable business. The students will get a practical and general knowledge of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is fun and exciting. It’s constantly evolving and changing the world at a fast pace. Users see Instagram pictures and TikTok videos, but we will also try to understand the systems, such as artificial intelligence, that help you choose how to influence your prospects.
This course alternates sessions with arts and creativity with courses on tools and analytics.

In this course, students analyze and discuss theories, principles, concepts, and practices of entrepreneurship and innovation management. Students research and analyze current trends, organizational challenges to entrepreneurship and innovation, creativity, and opportunities that may be solving customers and societal problems.

The course evolves from the exposition and discussion of some of the roots of entrepreneurship and the necessary refocus on innovation management, in the sense that the initial venture becomes a creator of spin-off companies, products/services, or processes on both the business and technology aspects.

Managing a business in the ever-evolving markets of design, fashion, and luxury goods is a complicated task that involves sophisticated handling of creativity and corporate image whilst meeting the challenges of an often-volatile market. Managers must also focus on pursuing long-term profitability through sound marketing strategies, efficient distribution plans, and sourcing quality products, to name just a few of their varied tasks.

This course is ideal for those who want to examine the management of fashion and the luxury goods sector from a business perspective, as it aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of these interrelated areas, with a key focus on specific marketing and brand management concepts.

This course focuses on financing newly created companies (start-ups), early-stage ventures, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The course is aimed at students that want to start their own business, students that want to pursue a career in venture capital or private equity, as well as students that want to increase their overall knowledge of finance and entrepreneurship. Barcelona is considered one of the most innovative cities in Europe. It is among the top 10 European hubs by the number of startups created in Europe, which makes it the ideal setting for studying New Venture Financing!

In this course, students learn how to transform a business idea into a business proposal by designing a financial business plan that addresses key questions such as identifying business opportunities, valuing a business proposal with emphasis on the venture capital method, mobilizing resources through estimating financial needs, and raising new capital.

According to Harvard Business Review, around 73% of consumers prefer shopping through multiple channels. This is a new reality. Nowadays, customers expect an omnichannel experience and, above all, have total freedom to start a purchase process on one channel and finish it on another without any interruption.

This implies radical changes in companies’ marketing and sales strategies with a direct impact on the value chain and distribution.

Social platforms have changed how people relate to each other and how companies engage, present, and deliver their products and services to customers. In this course, students will develop skills and competencies to successfully use social media to achieve objective business goals. The course is aimed at students that want to start their own business, students that want to pursue a career in marketing as well as students that want to increase their overall knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Students learn how to look beyond the use of social media on a personal level and instead understand its usefulness as a business tool. They will learn how to use it for research, engagement, and servicing of customers efficiently and effectively. They will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge.

This highly advanced course in ethical and sustainability marketing aims to impart a thorough understanding of the principles of ethics and sustainability as they apply to the marketing field. The course is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, techniques, and approaches to create and execute sustainable marketing plans and initiatives that align with business objectives while positively impacting the environment and society.

*Non-contractual information. Courses are subject to change every academic year.

Social & cultural program

The social & cultural activities we organize form a key part of the Barcelona Summer School, as they will allow you to make the most out of your stay by getting to know your classmates whilst having fun discovering all that Barcelona has to offer!

The following activities are part of the social & cultural program, therefore they are included in the tuition fee:

  • Welcome ceremony
  • Company visits
  • Day trip to Sitges
  • Boat trip
  • Cultural visit
  • Closing ceremony

*Non-contractual information. Activities are subject to change.

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