• Barcelona, Toulouse, Paris
  • English, French
  • 31,500€ for the entire 2-year program
  • 2 years
  • 120 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • 09 September 2024

The Masters in Management follows a broad core curriculum on business management studies, enhanced by a structured series of elective options, serving as a springboard to leadership.

Going beyond a simple choice of options, you are able to structure your projects around visible learning paths that bring added value to your professional expertise.

YEAR 1 – Management Insights

mim _ management insgihts year 1

YEAR 2 – Professional Specialization

*Non-contractual information. Courses are subject to change every academic year.

Gap year

Optionally, you can take a gap year between Year 1 and Year 2. This stage is designed to put into practice what you learned in Year 1 and redefine your choices for Year 2.

Moreover, you will have the chance to take a year-long internship and a semester abroad at a TBS partner university among which you can count on some of the best business schools in Europe.

Double degree

Alternatively, you can choose to spend Year 2 at one of TBS’s partner universities. In this case, you would be eligible to obtain 2 degrees: TBS Master in Management and an MSc or MBA from the corresponding partner university.

Academic content

Fundamentals of Management

Career Orientation

Discovery Semester

MSc degrees

Master’s Disertation


Qualification obtained

Once students have completed their studies, they will obtain the Master in Management official degree, awarded by the French Ministry of Education. The corresponding diploma will be awarded in October of the graduation year. 

Academic Regulations

The academic regulations outline the rules and requirements that students must adhere to in order to successfully complete their academic program. These regulations are established by TBS Education to ensure consistency, fairness, and quality in the academic process.

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