Barcelona has achieved a new milestone in the startup ecosystem, ranking as the fifth most significant startup hub in the European Union, following Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and Amsterdam. This recognition comes from a recent report by the consulting firm StartupBlink, which analyzes around a thousand cities worldwide.

Barcelona City

Barcelona: A growing ecosystem

The ecosystem of over 2,100 startups in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona, has been crucial in reaching this prominent position. According to the StartupBlink report, Barcelona has climbed one spot from the previous year, establishing itself as a key player in Europe. The evaluated parameters include the number and quality of startups, business climate, presence of accelerators, coworking spaces, and success stories, including unicorns valued at one billion euros.

Global leader in video games and pharmaceuticals

In addition to its prominent position in the European context, Barcelona has been recognized as the global leader in the video game and pharmaceutical sectors. “Barcelona has consolidated its position as a powerhouse in the EU startup scene,” stated Eli David Rokah, CEO of StartupBlink.

Continuous support and development

Barcelona city

Roger Torrent, the Minister of Business and Labor, celebrated the evolution of the entrepreneurial landscape in Barcelona and Catalonia. “In less than a decade, we have consolidated as a mature digital and technological ecosystem, with one of the most developed startup hubs in Europe,” highlighted Torrent.

Albert Castellanos, Secretary of Business and Labor and CEO of Acció, emphasized the importance of supporting this dynamic ecosystem. “It is crucial to support this ecosystem of fast and flexible companies that quickly adapt to the market and current trends,” Castellanos said. The Catalan entrepreneurial ecosystem generates over 20,600 jobs and a business volume of 2.1 billion euros, with continuous growth expected.

Attraction of international talent

Barcelona has become a magnet for international talent, with 65% of startup founders coming from abroad, positioning it as the fourth most international startup hub in Europe. The city also offers nearly 200 accelerators and over 50 coworking spaces, fostering a vibrant and collaborative startup culture.

Barcelona’s startup ecosystem has attracted significant investment, surpassing 1.4 billion euros in 2021, a 246% increase from the previous year. This growth has driven job creation and strengthened the city’s position as a center for innovation and technological development.

Barcelona continues establishing itself as an epicenter of innovation and development in Europe and globally, particularly in emerging sectors such as video games and the pharmaceutical industry. This progress is a testament to the joint efforts of startups, institutional support, and the dynamism of the Catalan entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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