Female leadership in Spain continues to progress at an impressive pace. According to the recent “Women in Business 2024″ report by Grant Thornton, women now occupy 40% of senior positions in Spanish companies, a significant increase from 14% in 2004. This advancement places Spain not only above the European average but also as a global leader, surpassing the average of the 31 countries surveyed by 7 percentage points.

The number of women in executive roles has increased by two percentage points since last year. Despite these advances, Grant Thornton projects that full parity, meaning 50% of women in senior positions, will not be achieved until 2053. In listed companies, women now hold 34.5% of leadership positions in the Ibex 35, approaching the 40% target set by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The Importance of Gender Diversity in Leadership

Benefits of Female Leadership

Promoting gender diversity in leadership roles brings numerous benefits to organizations, including improved decision-making, increased innovation, and enhanced company performance. Female leaders often bring different perspectives and management styles that can drive business success.

Challenges Women Face in Leadership

Despite the progress, women still encounter several challenges in climbing the corporate ladder. These include gender biases, work-life balance issues, and limited access to mentorship and networking opportunities. Addressing these challenges is essential for sustaining and increasing the presence of women in senior positions.

Despite these advances, significant challenges remain in sectors such as venture capital, where women represent between 12% and 16% of senior positions. Surveys highlight that unconscious biases, like imposter syndrome, and outdated stereotypes continue to be major barriers.

Natividad Sierra, director of investor relations at Corpfin Capital and a member of the Level20 committee, emphasizes the importance of diversity in leadership: “Women and men have different sensitivities towards many issues, but diversity allows us to form a richer and deeper vision.”

Women in senior positions are still growing this last 10 year's

Key Factors Contributing to the Rise of Female Leaders in Spain

Government Policies and Initiatives

The Spanish government has implemented various policies to promote gender equality in the workplace. These initiatives include mandatory gender quotas for corporate boards and comprehensive family leave policies, which help women balance professional and personal responsibilities.

Corporate Commitment to Gender Diversity

Many companies in Spain are actively working towards gender diversity by setting internal targets for female representation, offering leadership training programs, and fostering an inclusive work culture. These corporate commitments are crucial in supporting women’s career advancement.

Success Stories of Female Leaders in Spain

Geographic distribution of female leadership

Spain boasts several successful female executives who serve as role models for aspiring women leaders. Their achievements demonstrate the potential and impact of female leadership in the business world.

The percentage of women in senior positions varies across the country, with the Valencian Community leading at 44%, followed by the Canary Islands (42%), Galicia (41%), Madrid (40%), and Navarra (39%).

Progress in different departments

The human resources departments have seen the greatest progress in gender parity over the past ten years, with an increase from 11% in 2014 to 46% in 2024. Additionally, there has been a notable increase in the percentage of women presidents, from none in 2012 to 9% today.

Maintaining and building on the current momentum is essential for further advancing female leadership in Spain. This involves continuous efforts from both the public and private sectors to support and promote women in leadership roles.

Connecting Female Leadership to TBS Education Programs

At TBS Education, we are proud to see a growing number of women enrolling in our Bachelor in Management program. This increase reflects the broader trend of women pursuing leadership roles and highlights our commitment to fostering gender diversity in education.

TBS Education actively promotes gender diversity through various initiatives, including mentorship programs, leadership workshops, and networking opportunities.

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