Hosting 133 events of this kind in 2023, Barcelona has solidified its position among the top five destinations for hosting congresses, according to the latest report by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). This distinction reflects Barcelona’s continued allure and capacity to host world-class events.

Ranking ICCA

The latest edition of the Mobile World Congress and the audiovisual salon ISE were two standout examples of Barcelona’s success as an international event host. The Mobile World Congress drew over 100,000 attendees, marking a significant milestone since before the pandemic, while the ISE saw participation from over 73,000 professionals from more than 160 countries. These impressive numbers underscore Barcelona’s crucial role as a global hub for innovation and professional exchange.


On the world stage, Barcelona firmly holds the fifth spot, trailing only behind Vienna, Lisbon, Singapore, and Paris, the latter once again leading the ranking. Over the past decade, Barcelona has demonstrated its dominance as the top destination for congress attendee participation, with over one million participants during this period, surpassing cities like Vienna, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

Looking back, since 2014, Barcelona has hosted a total of 1,479 congresses, solidifying its position as the third city in the world in terms of the number of events, behind only Vienna and Paris. These data highlight Barcelona’s privileged position as a preferred location for hosting international events.

The announcement of this annual ranking was made during the Imex fair, specialized in business tourism, which took place in Frankfurt. This recognition reaffirms Barcelona’s commitment to excellence in event organization and its contribution to the global business tourism sector.

panoramic view of Barcelona. We can see the layout of the Eixample

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