• Barcelona, Toulouse
  • English
  • 2 000€
  • 3 weeks
  • 14 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • 08 July 2024

TBS Education has arranged a special housing offer for you. Kley Barcelona is a renowned residence in Barcelona and is responsible for providing Barcelona Summer School students with housing services while they enjoy our international summer school.

You must consider that places are subject to availability.

Key information
Location: 7 minutes of walking distance from TBS Education – Barcelona.
Arrival date: Saturday, 6th July
Departure date: Saturday, 27th July
Price: 950 €
Deposit fee: 100 €*

*The deposit should be paid at the moment of check-in in cash. The total reimbursement will be made also in cash on the check-out day if there are no damages or missing items when checking out.

Single standard room

Included services

  • Gym cinema, study, and coworking areas, communal kitchens, self-service laundry, patio, and terraces.
  • High-speed WiFi, water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and access to all facilities

Please note that by choosing the accommodation package, you accept that TBS Education is required to share your details with Kley Barcelona to confirm your reservation.

Arrival by plane

Barcelona’s nearest airport is Aeroport del Prat and is well connected by public transport. For further information click here.





Arrival by train

Barcelona’s main train station is Estació de Sants, which is connected internationally with France and the rest of Spain, as well as the local region of Catalunya.

For more information please click here.

Transport in Barcelona

Barcelona offers several types of public transport: buses, metro (subway), and tramway. Tickets and prices vary according to duration but are the same for all types of transport within zone 1.

For further details about the different bus, tram and metro routes: www.tram.cat/en/ and www.tmb.cat/en.

  • T-casual (10 trips, zone 1): 11.35 €
  • T-usual* (unlimited travel for 30 consecutive days, zone 1): 40 €

*If you register for the hospitality package, a T-usual ticket will be included.





It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a correct visa, depending on your country of origin.

To find out more about travel requirements, please get in touch with your local Spanish embassy or consulate.

For further information click here.

We highly recommend that you contract comprehensive international travel insurance that covers lost, damaged, and stolen personal items as well as any medical treatment.

Citizens of the European Economic Area or Switzerland

Health care is free during your stay in Spain if you have a valid European Health Insurance Card.

Please see the European Commission’s website for more information to make an application.

Citizens from outside of the European Economic Area or Switzerland

If you are coming from a country outside the EU, you will need to contact the Spanish Embassy before coming regarding possible agreements with Spain concerning the health system. Please see more information here.

If there is no agreement, it will be necessary for you to take out a private health insurance cover.

We strongly recommend that before your departure to Spain, you contract good travel health insurance that includes medical repatriation.

With a thriving international business economy and a vibrant student scene, Barcelona is ranked as the best student city in Spain (QS, 2022), and, 6th city in the world to live, visit, research, and work (World Best Cities 2023 ranking). With over 215,000 students from all over the world, it has also been declared the 3rd best city to build a startup (Startup Heatmap Europe , 2022)

Barcelona’s privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea has long made it a place of cultural and business exchange, and with its famous modernist architecture, it is also internationally renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, making it an ideal place to explore while you learn.

In addition, TBS Education’s new campus in the Catalan capital is located in the innovative 22@ district, an exciting area of the city full of start-ups and leading fintech companies. In the new campus neighborhood, you’ll also be just a short walk from the beach and can enjoy a renovated area of the city.

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