In accordance with the Information Duty contained in Article 10 of the Information Society Services and e-Commerce Act 34/2002 of 11 June (LSSI-CE), we list the following data below:

The owner of this website is: “ESCUELA SUPERIOR EUROPEA DE COMERCIO, S.L.”, with address on Calle Venezuela 116, 08019 Barcelona, assigned Tax ID Number (NIF): B58611021, Recorded in the Companies Register of Barcelona in Volume 10.214, book 498, Section 2.ª, folio 196, sheet 8937. Contact email

“ESCUELA SUPERIOR EUROPEA DE COMERCIO, S.L.” (hereinafter “Toulouse Business School”) is the owner of the following internet domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and The contents on the websites provide information about various services that “Toulouse Business School” offers within the scope of education and training for business executive as well as investigation into education, where access to various kinds of context in the sector are also offered.


Accessing the “Toulouse Business School” website requires acceptance of the usage conditions that are in force at any given time.


The source code, graphic designs, images, photos, animations, software, texts and the information and contents contained on the “Toulouse Business School” websites are protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights in its favour; it is not permitted to completely or partially reproduce the website, or to digitally process them, publish them, distribute them, broadcast them, modify them, transform them or decompile them, without prior permission in writing from the owner, “Toulouse Business School”, in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 and 32 paragraph two of the Intellectual Property Act.

Only the user may use the material that appears on the “Toulouse Business School” websites for their personal and private usage and it is prohibited to use it for commercial purposes or illicit activity. All of the rights derived from the intellectual property are expressly reserved for “Toulouse Business School”.

“Toulouse Business School” will ensure compliance with the previous conditions and for the due use of the contents presented on the website, filing all kinds of civil and criminal action that may be possible if there is a breach or violation of these rights by the user.


Accessing the “Toulouse Business School” website or using them does not mean that the user’s personal data will be collected by “Toulouse Business School”. However, we hereby inform you that, if “Toulouse Business School” requests personal data, the user will be duly informed in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations and other regulations on data protection that may be applicable.

The personal data that “Toulouse Business School” collects from the various kind of forms will be processed in order to respond to the request made by the data subject, as well as to maintain the relationship that may be established and to manage, administer, inform, provide and improve the services taken out.

For more detailed information regarding Data Protection, you must access our “Privacy Policy”.

“Toulouse Business School” has set up technical and organisation security measures to ensure the security of the personal data and to avoid them being altered, lost, handled and/or access without authorisation, in light of the state of technology, the nature of the date stored and the risk to which they are exposed, whether due to human actions or the physical and natural environment.


“Toulouse Business School” will confidentially provide each of its customers with an access username and password, which is unique, personal and non-transferable, which is a necessary condition to access certain services included on the website.

The user undertakes to keep their password confidential and way request that it be changed if lost, if other people become aware of it or any other circumstance that make normal access impossible or difficult.

“Toulouse Business School” reserves the right to cancel access for any user at its own discretion when certain circumstances occur that are deemed to be illicit use.

The user takes full liability and, therefore, all obligations derived from the use of the different services and products that they access with the access password or third party use thereof who access them with the user’s password.


“Toulouse Business School” has various social media profiles which means that we must warn the user that the data that they publish on those profiles will be known by users that also interact with such profile or those that look at is, whether or not they have their own profile on the social network, since all the “Toulouse Business School” profiles are public. Therefore, all of the information and contents published by the user on the official “Toulouse Business School” page on social media shall be subject to communication to the other users due to the nature of the service. We recommend that you check the Privacy Policy of the social networks before using such services.

Should the user send any kind of information to “Toulouse Business School”, above all if this is third party data, via social media, the latter states and guarantees that it has authorisation to send such information and that it does not breach any intellectual property rights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets or any other third party rights, that the information is not confidential and it does not damage or offend third parties.

“Toulouse Business School” is only responsible for and guarantees the confidentiality, security and processing of the data in accordance with the legislation in force, regarding the data collected directly from the user, without any kind of responsibility regarding any subsequent processing or usage that the social networks may make.


“Toulouse Business School” takes no liability for any possible damage that may be cause as a result of the use of the contents of the “Toulouse Business School” websites, which is the sole responsibility of the user who accesses them.

Similarly, “Toulouse Business School” takes no responsibility for possible damages that may occur from the use of a version of a browser that is not up-to-date, interruptions that happen during data transmission, viruses, downtime, lack of connection in the telecommunications system, blocks caused by deficiencies and overloads of the telephone lines, as well as damaged caused by third parties through unauthorised intermissions.

The “Toulouse Business School” contain links to other webpages that may be of interest to the data subject. “Toulouse Business School” shall not be held liable for any of these links and there can be no guarantees for adequate compliance with the privacy policies; therefore, any data subject accesses the content of these webpages under the conditions for use set on such pages and at their own liability.

“Toulouse Business School” takes no responsibility for any breaches of the applicable rules that the user may commit when accessing the “Toulouse Business School” websites and/or the use of the information contained thereon.

“Toulouse Business School” reserves the right to interrupt or deny, at its own discretion, at any time and without any warning, access to the restricted contents for any user if the aforementioned circumstances occur.


Any links, hypertext, framing or any other kind of virtual connection through telecommunications networks from any website through our webpage, must be requested and previously authorised in writing by “Toulouse Business School”, and if not, the links created on these websites must be to the homepage.

The links made to third-party webpages are only for information purposes and the object of providing the user with sources of information that may be of their interest.

“Toulouse Business School” attempted to regularly review the contents of these links. However, it is impossible to know the specific content of the links provided at any given time. Because of this, we request that users collaborate with us when accessing the aforementioned contents if the contents could go against the legislation in force, morality or public order by letting us know of this using the following email address:


Lastly, the user is solely responsible for the use they make of the services contained on the links and hypertexts included on the “Toulouse Business School” websites.


“Toulouse Business School” reserves the right to make changes and updates to the information contained on its webpages or the configuration or presentation, at any time and with no prior warning. Similarly, it reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without any prior warning, the accessibility of the websites for reasons of any possible necessity and to carry out maintenance, repairs or improvements.

“Toulouse Business School” reserves the right to include totally or partially include or retract any information from its websites at its entire discretion.


The users under take to submit any matter that may arise as a result of the interpretation, execution or any possible breach of these usage terms and conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction and regardless of the place in which any disagreement may arise.

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