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TBS Education’s Career Services organises events throughout the year onsite and online on its various campuses (Toulouse, Barcelona, Paris and Casablanca) to meet your employer branding expectations. 


Our events are the perfect opportunity to meet TBS Education students and young graduates, and are an effective tool for identifying and recruiting interns and future employees.

It’s an opportunity for your company to get a better feel for the aspirations of future graduates, to enhance your brand image in the eyes of this audience and to identify the profiles you’re looking for.

Career Fair

MEET’UP Company

MEET’UP Alumni


  • Promote your company and its activities through workshops involving recent graduate employees and TBS Education students.
  • Host a conference on a specific area of interest. Each conference is run by a single partner company and facilitates the exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and students. Pre-recruitment sessions can also be organized.  
  • Organize group visits for TBS Education students to your company locations: headquarters, production units, business units, etc. 
TBS Education offers different brand actions for the companies such as promotion, host a conference, events..
  • Actively participate in TBS Education events, such as seminars, conferences, award ceremonies, etc., to develop brand awareness among students and graduates.