Barcelona has emerged as a leading destination for startups, cementing its place as one of the top three favorite cities in Europe for new business ventures. The city’s blend of a vibrant culture, advanced infrastructure, and a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs plays a significant role in its attractiveness to startup founders.

Barcelona , one of the top cities to launch a start-up

Barcelona, a startup ecosystem

One of the key factors in Barcelona’s success as a startup hub is its ability to integrate international talent and foster a collaborative environment. The city’s population includes a significant percentage of foreign residents, which has greatly contributed to its dynamic business and innovation fabric​.

According to a study published by Barcelona&Catalonia Startup Hub, it is said that 26% of the workers of these companies are of foreign origin and 20% of their founders are from outside the country

Additionally, Barcelona hosts major events such as the Mobile World Congress and the E-Commerce Summit, which not only spotlight the city on an international stage but also facilitate networking and knowledge sharing among global tech leaders​

The city’s educational infrastructure also supports its status as a startup haven, with numerous universities and programs specifically tailored to entrepreneurship and innovation such as our MSc International Business. The city’s integration of global talent and the presence of a supportive ecosystem for startups provide practical learning opportunities for students. They can observe and potentially engage with international business strategies, cross-cultural management, and global market dynamics firsthand.

Barcelona’s public and private sectors actively work to maintain and enhance this environment. Initiatives like the Barcelona Activa’s International Welcome Desk help new talent and businesses settle and thrive in the city by offering essential support services.

Moreover, the successful integration of tech and innovative businesses, exemplified by the presence of startups like Glovo and Wallapop, has not only enhanced Barcelona’s economic landscape but also changed societal perceptions about startups, moving them from fringe to mainstream.

Barcelona , one of the top cities to launch a start-up

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