According to data from the marketing agency specializing in higher education SimpsonScarborough, it says business schools spend between 380 and 550 euros per year on marketing per enrolled student.

“By using a less invasive advertising medium such as Branded Content, business schools can tell their own stories, define and develop their brand and get into the minds of prospective students,” explains Juan Luis Fuentes, Getfluence’s Sales Director in Spain.

It is thought there is a competitive higher education market, where business schools must create compelling content that matters to prospective students and speaks to the school’s distinctiveness. Therefore, when it is done in the right way, branded content could delivers very good results.

Branded Content as support

For this end, business schools can partner with influential media outlets to reach the right audiences. In this sense, the use of sponsored articles, published by renowned editors, can generate greater engagement with prospective students, as they come from contrasted and objective sources.

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