• Barcelona, Toulouse, Paris
  • English, French
  • 36,900€ for the entire 3-year program
  • 3 years
  • 180 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • 9th September 2024

The Bachelor of Business Management program has a 3-year structure. During the first year of the business management degree, you will learn the fundamentals of business; in the second year, you will consolidate these fundamentals and internationalize yourself through a semester-long exchange at a partner university; and in the third year, you will deepen your knowledge with one of our specialization tracks.

The future employability of the Bachelor in Management students is the principal factor that guides all our pedagogic activities. This degree creates competent professionals who can successfully fill the various roles at companies.

At the TBS Education campus in Barcelona, ​​the subjects are grouped into the following blocks:

  • Marketing
  • Management control
  • Economy, finance, and law
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Information management
  • Career Services
  • Languages

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Content year by year

The TBS Bachelor in Management allows students to decide on their own trajectories through the 3 years of a program that provides them with the practical experience and technical skills that are required in the labor market.

FIRST YEAR: Business Fundamentals

bachelor in Management 1 TERM
Content year by year TBS EDUCATION

SECOND YEAR: Solidification & Internationalization

THIRD YEAR: Specialization

*Non-contractual information. Courses are subject to change every academic year.

FIRST YEAR: business fundamentals

SECOND YEAR: solidification and internationalization

THIRD YEAR: specialization

Internship at companies

This bachelor in business management includes compulsory full-time internships in every year of the program. This adds up to three internship periods, which are full-time and happen after the lessons period has ended. In addition, they are progressive internships, which means that they increase each year in terms of duration and the responsibility you are given within the company.

As a result, graduates already have about a year of professional experience accumulated (compulsory minimum in order to graduate: 8 months) by the end of the Bachelor program.

The internships enrich the curriculum for the students and facilitate their integration into the workforce in a highly significant way. They also help students to discover what they do and do not like, as they work in various departments and sectors.

As long as the internships match all the school’s requirements, they can be completed in any type of company, sector of activity, or country.

Bachelor 1Sales or customer relations internship. Minimum 8 weeks.
Bachelor 2Internships as an assistant in a functional area of a company. Minimum 8 weeks.
Bachelor 3End-of-degree internships in project management. Minimum 16 weeks.

During the internships, students have follow-ups with their Career Services coach. At the end of each internship period, an assessment of the internship will be conducted.

The school shares internship offers and company contacts with the students, along with a list of contacts for the internships carried out by former students. However, it is the responsibility of the Barcelona campus students to seek out their internships; an important learning experience before taking the plunge into the working world.

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement that is part of the Bachelor’s program aims to instill a sense of responsibility and an awareness of the reality of today’s society in our students through volunteering at solidarity organizations. Bachelor students must dedicate a total of 40 hours to supporting an NGO or association with social aims.

These are some of the NGOs and associations in which the TBS Education students collaborate to complete their Civic Engagement project.

  • Cáritas
  • Catnova
  • Pure Clean Earth
  • Amics de la Gent Gran
  • Afev
  • Acción Planetaria

  • Fundación Roure
  • Sant Egidio
  • Asociación Gabela
  • Ohlala Festival
  • Voluntaris Itinerantes
  • Voluntaris 2000

To complete the number of ECTS credits of the Bachelor in Management program, students can also join the Ambassadors project and become the best representatives of the school at open days, fairs, or information sessions.

Teaching and assessment methodology

The teaching methods at TBS Education both for TBS master and bachelor students, are diverse and combine presentations, professional and researcher conferences, workshops for the development of management skills, case study work sessions, the intensive use of teamwork, and the development of projects.

There is no single method of evaluation, a combination of assessment instruments is used for each subject, including exercises, short tests, projects, essays, case studies, and exams. Unconventional methods like the assessment of participation, challenges, assessments from peers (between students), and self-assessment are also used.

Qualification obtained

Once students have completed their studies, they will obtain the Bachelor in Management official degree, awarded by the French Ministry of Education. The corresponding diploma will be awarded in October of the graduation year. 

At the beginning of 2022, TBS Education obtained the degree of license for the Bachelor in Management, which certifies the academic quality of the program.

Academic Regulations

The academic regulations outline the rules and requirements that students must adhere to to successfully complete their academic program. These regulations are established by TBS Education to ensure consistency, fairness, and quality in the academic process.

More information on our Business Management Degree

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