• Barcelona, Toulouse, Paris
  • English, French
  • 36,900€ for the entire 3-year program
  • 3 years
  • 180 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • 9th September 2024

Resolve all your doubts about the TBS bachelor of business management.
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our Bachelor in Management Program Content, the Bachelor admission process, and the Bachelor in Management internships. And if you are still left with doubts to resolve, you can contact us directly.

The qualification

Is a Bachelor like a bachillerato?

Why does TBS Business Management degree last for three years?

What recognition does the school and the Bachelor in Management program have?

Is the qualification official?

As it shorter, is there a bigger workload than on a Spanish degree?


Is it studied in French?

What level of English is required to get into the school?

Do you provide Spanish/French classes for foreign students?

Can everything be studied in English?

Do you have to certify your English proficiency level with an official qualification?

Are there language classes?

Is it necessary to have a minimum level to study these languages?


What are the conditions for being accepted onto the Bachelor in Management?

How long does it take to find out if you have been admitted to the school?

Where can I pass my admission exam? Do I have to move to the Toulouse or Barcelona campus?

When do I choose the campus?

Can I change campus along the Bachelor’s program?

What do the admission test consist of?

If I am accepted onto the Bachelor, can I stay on a Master of Science or Master in Management at TBS?

Is EvAU required to enter the Bachelor?

How long is the admission interview?

International experience

If I go abroad in the second year, will I have to pay the fees for the course at the host univeristy?

Regarding the stay abroad, can I choose any partner university as I please?


Is there a pool of internships?

Are they compulsory?

Are they paid?


Do you have to pay the full amount for the academic year in a single payment?

No, TBS Education accepts part payments in three installments.

After the Bachelor

Can I apply for public sector examinations with the Bachelor diploma?

Can I access any master’s degree with the Bachelor?

More information on our Bachelor in Management

Bachelor in Management

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