According to a survey released by KAYAK, Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga -ranked 31st, 60th and 62nd, respectively- are the three Spanish cities included in a ranking that places cities depending on how attractive cities are when it comes to sustainability-related features.

Barcelona: 31st Most Attractive for Conscious Travelers

City Index for Mindful Travellers (CIMT)

KAYAK’s source to make the ranking is based on an index that values regards such as airport carbon accreditation, local traffic, or air quality: they have called it City Index for Mindful Travellers (CIMT), in which Rotterdam takes the lead.

As a matter of fact, European cities are in the top 30 of this ranking, except for Tokyo, a city placed in the 29th position. Moreover, after Rotterdam, the podium is taken by Amsterdam and Graz. Rotterdam’s Airport Carbon Accreditation, the city’s variety of prices of accommodations rated by, the large urban network and the length of cycling routes place the Dutch city on top.

In the same way, Amsterdam has a remarkable amount of cycling options and walkable streets, which allows pedestrians to access the city easily. Gaze, on the other hand, concentrates a pedestrian-friendly UNESCO World Heritage city centre, excellent rail connections and vehicle charging stations.

Spanish travelers

Per Christiansen, Senior Vice President of Marketing at KAYAK, explained that four out of ten Spanish travelers face difficulties when it comes to accessing information about the cities intended to visit. However, this new index is meant to help travelers worldwide when choosing to explore city destinations.

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Barcelona: 31st Most Attractive for Conscious Travelers

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