Are you a school counsellor who is seeking higher education options for your students? Join us and learn more about TBS.


If you are a counsellor, do not hesitate to contact the admissions team so they can provide you with all the information in a personalized way.

TBS Events for you

Your work is essential for high school students to learn about TBS. We want you to be the first to discover the qualities of the Bachelor program and the excellence of our training. We offer you different options to learn more about us.

Memories with you

Re-Think Counselling Fly-In

An annual event aimed at college counsellors around the world. Get to know the TBS Education campuses in Spain and France along with their programs, and take part in a workshop specially designed for career advisors.

Remember now the 2019 edition.

Jumping into the future

Virtual Fly-In 360º Experience

If counsellors don’t come to TBS, TBS comes to them. The global situation caused by COVID forced the reinvention of the Fly-In event on a remote experience with virtual reality glasses. 

Find out how was the experience.

Workshop: Neuroeducation

Integrating Neurosciences to classrooms towards higher-quality learnings

A special event, tailored for school counselors and teachers who want to discover neuroeducation and some insights for learning optimization.

Events for pre-University students:

Online information sessions

Do you want to discover everything that the TBS Bachelor in Management program can offer you? These sessions include Admissions information, program content, Q&A and much more.

One-to-one sessions

Visit the TBS campus in Barcelona with your family. A representative from the Admissions team will welcome you and give you up-to-date information about the Bachelor program.

Q&A sessions for candidates

Are you ready or planning to come to Barcelona? You can speak to the International Students Services team and get directly answers about visas, accommodation or health insurance.

We are sure that your students would enjoy a TBS visit to your school. If you want to arrange a visit, fill the form and we will  be happy to organize an event together.

It can be online or face-to-face (subjected to COVID restrictions) and it can include a presentation, a business case or/and Q&A.


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The home of tomorrow

At the epicenter of the ecosystem of emerging companies and the knowledge economy that 22@ in Barcelona represents, TBS is building the new facilities of the school. Next year, the doors of the new TBS campus in Barcelona will be opened, an 8000m2 building that will accommodate more than 1,100 students. The future campus will have modern classrooms, equipped with two multi-space and immersive rooms, with open spaces for students, others for incubating projects and companies, a cafeteria, and a residence with 700 beds.