• Barcelona, Toulouse
  • English, French, Spanish
  • 10 900€ per year
  • 3 years
  • 180 ECTS
  • Full Time
  • September 2022

Make a difference with an official diploma

TBS Bachelor in Management is a 3-year business administration degree. An official diploma in the field of international business and business administration, with particular emphasis on the studies of management and marketing.

Study TBS business management degree at an international business school in Barcelona and have a truly international management degree experience through a practical bachelor of business administration program. The course is focused on the corporate world. 

Aimed at students who are reaching the end of secondary education, this bachelor of business administration provides its students with all the resources of a leading and accredited business school.

TBS Management Degree represents a springboard to success in the professional world. For a period of 3 years, students are trained for professionalization and internationalization. Furthermore, they are provided with the practical experience and conceptual skills that are required for business management in a global labor market.

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Reasons to study the Bachelor in Management degree

The program Bachelor in Management at TBS Education in Barcelona provides the student with a full arrange of knowledge and skills based on business management studies. 

International mobility

TBS is a multi-campus business school and its students can enroll on either the Toulouse or the Barcelona campus, as well as change campuses during the program. During each of the 3 years of the business management degree, students can study in Barcelona, Toulouse, or Casablanca, and at one of over 100 universities with which we have collaboration agreements.

Professional experience every year

Each of the 3 years of the Bachelor involves compulsory full-time internships with companies anywhere in the world, which results in the accumulation of around 12 months of professional experience by the end of the degree. Our bachelor and master degree students achieve great rates of employability at the end of their studies.

Learning languages

To broaden your future prospects in the labor market, TBS provides the management students the opportunity to learn languages. All classes can be taken in English, and it is also compulsory to learn a second language that can be chosen from French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, English or Spanish.

Multicultural environment

The international experience begins in the classroom! Immerse yourself in French culture at the Toulouse campus or in the international atmosphere of the Barcelona campus. Meet students from more than 45 countries as well as the international faculty.

Specialization itineraries

During the third year of your business management studies, students can specialize in a professional field and a business area at the Toulouse, Barcelona or Casablanca campuses. In addition, you will take an elective subject with guest professors from around the world to reinforce the specialization and internationalization process.

Learning through practice

The pedagogic methodology of the courses is based on practical group work. Furthermore, many of the TBS professors on the bachelor in management are professionals from the world of business who present real case studies in class.                      

Guidance for your professional development

The pedagogic methodology of the courses is based on practical group work. Furthermore, many of the TBS professors on the bachelor in management are professionals from the world of business who present real case studies in class.                      

Accreditations & rankings

TBS has earned the three accreditations that business school can attain, EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB, a triple crown that only 1% of business schools worldwide can claim to possess.

TBS bachelor degree in business also comes in the top 10 of the French rankings:

TBS Education is also ranked 58 in the Financial Times’ Best European Business Schools ranking.

Much more than a school

Personalized attention and care by students are two of the hallmarks of TBS Education in Barcelona. The students who attend TBS become part of a united and integrated family in the city of Barcelona. TBS Education, from the academic department, offers students a support program to accompany them in adapting to school if they so require.

More information

If you need more information about our business management degree do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department.



Cyriella Mbiguis

Hi! My name is Cyriella and I am from Gabon. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying the 3rd year of the Bachelor in Management at TBS. I spent the 2 first years of the program at the TBS Barcelona campus and at the moment I’m finishing the program at the Toulouse headquarters.

elias tbs testimonial

Elias Arbaje El-Khoury

Hello! My name is Elias and I am a student of the Bachelor in Management at TBS in Barcelona. I've loved my experience at TBS! I've met some wonderful people from all over the world, I've made great friendships and have learned so much from the different professors' experiences. In my first year, I represented TBS as an Ambassador in every event arranged by the school and loved every second of it.

juliana moreno

Juliana Moreno

Above all, apart from what I have learned and all the knowledge I have acquired, I keep the people I have met, friends from all over the world with whom I want to continue growing.

kevin de pascalis

Kevin De Pascalis

I have been able to meet many people from all over the world, I have practiced French and Spanish with the friends I have made, as well as English since we speak it all day in class.


Daria Arkhangelskaya

What I like most about Barcelona is probably the sun. I come from Russia and for me to have this good weather every day and to be able to go to the beach is a great luxury. Now they have also opened Barcelona and we can visit other cities.

anass testimonial

Anass El Guennouni

What I like most about TBS is that the learning is very focused on the technical part of the knowledge, rather than the theoretical part. I think this allows us to grow more professionally than elsewhere.

Paula López Testimonial

Paula López Cardelús

My experience has been positive. I have acquired a lot of knowledge in business in a practical way that can be useful for my professional development.

Clement Briscadeau

Clément Briscadieu

Being able to study and work with people from all over the world – with different languages and cultures – is essential in today’s world.

Rim Nour

Rim Nour

My name is Rim Nour, I'm a B1 English track student studying the Management program. I chose this program because I've always been passionate about the business world but I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Testimonials Matteo Serieis

Matteo Mickaël Serieis

My name is Matteo, I come from Paris, France. I am in my first year of the Bachelor in Management program at TBS Education in Barcelona. The semester is going well, although right now the classes are online because of the covid. I really wanted to get out of France, study abroad, and discover a new culture. This is precisely why I chose Barcelona because I think Spain is very different from France, especially from Paris. I really like living in Barcelona, even now with the curfew, it's not so bad.

Elisabeth Namgaladze

I really enjoy my first week in Barcelona in the campus, because first weeks are really interesting.

Evelina Scerba

I am in love with the people I met, with the school and nonetheless with Barcelona.

Ali Nafie

Besides the fact that Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in, I am truly amazed by the multicultural environment at TBS, which provides me the chance to exchange ideas and get to learn about different cultures.

Alyson McMillion

The surprising fact about TBS Barcelona is the number of students: were are a really small community and that is exactly the kind of educational experience I was looking for.

Jannick Heckenhan

I hope my stay at TBS becomes an exciting adventure through which I become an expert in international business.

Sophia Piatnitski

I wanted to live abroad in Barcelona and learn business, so TBS Education was a perfect fit for me.

Gabriel Philippe

I knew many people from TBS Education, before I got in and I made some really good friends during last month. I really appreciate the atmosphere in class!

Giorgi Cheminava

I think that I'm lucky to be part of TBS, where I can finally find my way.

Daniel Mora

For the next few years, I expect to meet lots of people, to grow professionnally and as a human being while enjoying every second spent at TBS.

Franzi Samanek

We all have different stories to share and we all came to TBS with an open-minded attitude and the decision to take a fresh step forward our new life.

Olivia Pittman

This school will give me experiences in real life and the internships will provide me abilities and professional networks which I will need for my future job, as well as an opportunity to build international and long-term friendships.

Sally Lundqvist

I was surprised by the kindness of the school's staff and, by the moment, my impression is that classes are very practical and that it is fundamental to interact and be active in class.