In the TBS Education in Barcelona library, you will find specialized material on business, economics, and commerce. You can take out books, use the study area, or reserve a workroom.

Opening hours

09:00 to 20:00
Monday to Friday

The collection

The collection covers a broad range of business, economics, and commerce fields with particular strength in the areas of finance, commerce, accounting, administration, marketing, electronic commerce, and international business. We acquire academic and professional resources of the utmost quality, both printed and online, to facilitate commercial research. A reference librarian is also available to help you locate the information you require.

The collection comprises:

  • Books
  • Course literature
  • General titles (textbooks, trends, etc.)
  • Exam preparation (GMAT, TOEFL, Tage-Mage, TOEIC, GRE)
  • Language books
  • Books about Barcelona, fiction titles
  • DVDs
  • Magazines (also online)


To take books out from the library you need a student or TBS in Barcelona staff ID card.

If a title is unavailable, you can reserve it at the library’s main desk. You will be notified via email as soon as the book becomes available.

Certain types of publications cannot be taken out, such as:

  • magazines and newspapers
  • rare and valuable books

Publications that cannot be taken out must be studied in the library.

The maximum number of books you can take out is 20.

The maximum number of books you can check out is 4.

The standard loan period is 25 days. 

There are several copies of the recommended documents in the Library and the loan period for all of them is 7 days.

After 25 days the loan period will not be renewed automatically. You must request the renewal by sending an email to or at the library desk. This happens up to 3 times unless a book has been reserved by another person. If you have renewed a book 3 times, but still want to continue borrowing it, automatic renewal is no longer possible. Bring the book with you to the library desk and you can borrow the book again.

The books of the bibliographies published in the syllabus of each subject can be loaned for one week.

Students can only check out 4 books from the bibliographies at the same time. The renewal of these loans is not automatic. You must request the renewal by sending an email to or at the library desk.

If you have lost or had a library book stolen, please get in touch with us as soon as possible at where and we will inform you of specific next steps.

Once your loan period elapses you will receive a request to renew the loan period or return the publication. If items are late, you will be blocked and unable to borrow another book until you have returned the titles in your possession.

* Except books of the bibliographies published in the syllabus of each subject.

Remember to bring your student card. You will need it to access the library and use its services.

Check the catalog

Search our collections using:

The library can be accessed through C@mpus. You will need your C@mpus username and password to login.

Basic Rules of the Library

  • Bring your student ID card when you want to access the library.
  • Do not take any books or other materials from the library without following the borrowing procedures.
  • Make sure that you return any loaned items before their due date.
  • Return books and materials to their original location on the shelves.
  • Food is not permitted in the library. Only bottles with an air-tight cap are allowed in the reading room.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited. While in the library, switch off your cell phone and stow it in your bag, backpack, etc.
  • Private conversation is not permitted. Even talking in a quiet voice or standing around and chatting may be disruptive to those around you.

Your cooperation is kindly requested to create a conducive environment for study.


Do you have any questions about our library services? Any questions about loans, renewals, or reservations? Do you want to suggest a title for the library to acquire?

Bestanist Nin, Head Librarian 


Tel.: +34 933100111

The person in charge of the library will aim to respond within one working day.

The library welcomes suggestions for additions to the collection. Please consult the catalog to check whether the library already has the item in question before sending a suggestion.