According to the inaugural report in the series analyzing the work preferences of global talent in 2024, Barcelona has secured its place as the 8th Global Destination City. This comprehensive study surveyed 150,000 individuals across 188 countries, shedding light on where people aspire to move for work and the underlying motivations.

Navigating a new era in talent mobility

This marks the beginning of a new era of understanding global talent mobility. Ten years ago, the Decoding Global Talent series was launched, aiming to track trends in the ever-evolving world of work. Little did we anticipate the profound and rapid disruptions caused by various global forces such as the pandemic, remote work, geopolitics, and GenAI. Nevertheless, the turmoil of the past decade has had minimal impact on the enduring appeal of talent mobility.

Unlocking opportunities in global talent mobility

Barcelona eixample

The options for working abroad are abundant, and the workers are ready for new opportunities. Employers and nations stand to benefit greatly, but to reap the rewards, they must understand the preferences of mobile workers. This entails answering key questions such as how top target destinations have shifted, why people aspire to move to specific countries, and what employers and governments can do to court global talent.

The Decoding Global Talent series also provides valuable insights into the factors driving people’s choices when selecting a destination. Extrinsic factors, such as the quality of job opportunities and quality of life, play a significant role, alongside intrinsic factors like language proficiency and personal recommendations.

Ultimately, people’s interest in moving abroad for work stems from practical reasons, a sense of adventure, and cultural exploration. Employers and nations that tap into this positive energy from millions of workers with mobile aspirations will gain a significant competitive advantage and source of growth.

world's top destination city
arc de triomf Barcelona; a perfect place to live

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