TBS Education has built a new campus of more than 8000 m2 in the 22@, district of innovation, knowledge, and startups in Barcelona. The state-of-the-art building can host more than 1,100 students.

The seven-story campus is located in a strategic position in Barcelona, home to major companies and business clusters.

A unique concept of campus

TBS takes another step in its global journey with its consolidation in one of the key cities of the business network in Europe. In this way, it also reinforces the global development strategy of TBS Education, which aims to strengthen the links between the school and the territories in which it is present.

The new building, which opened in September 2022, has 7 floors and more than 8,000 square meters of surface. It can host more than 1,100 students, doubling the current capacity of the TBS Education campuses in Barcelona.

Eco-friendly building for the TBS Education Community

The new, innovative, and totally eco-responsible facilities are designed to meet the needs of the entire educational community. From equipment for pedagogical innovation to spaces dedicated to associations, events, and an incubator, the new TBS Education campus at 22@ will be the home of a generation of talents.

The campus 22@ has been designed with the highest quality and sustainability standards, aspiring to LEED Platinum and Well certifications.

Key facts

  • 8,000 square meters.
  • + 1,100 students.
  • 7 floors.
  • Faculty: 15 members.
  • 1 cafeteria.

The 15 lecturers and researchers who conduct their activities in the new TBS Education spaces in Barcelona focus their efforts on two objectives: strengthening the development of programs linked to the Barcelona region’s major strategic activities and contributing to the generation of research related to the territory’s biggest challenges.

Partner residences

Living the full TBS Education experience

TBS Education – Barcelona maintains special agreements with nearby residencies that offer special rates for TBS students. Choose Youniq Barcelona or Aparto Pallars Barcelona and enjoy the convenience of living just minutes from the TBS Education campus in 22@.

Youniq Residence - TBS Education Barcelona

Experience vibrant student living at Youniq residence, all within 7 minutes walk to the new TBS Education campus in Barcelona.

If you are looking for a modern accommodation that includes all amenities, YOUNIQ Barcelona is the ideal place for you. The residence has an excellent location in the Besòs i el Maresme district , a short distance from the Maresme Fórum metro station.

You will have the great advantage of having your room booked close to the TBS Education campus, as well as peace of mind of the collaboration between Youniq Barcelona and TBS Education.

  • Modern individual studios and comfortable 3 bedroom apartments with bathroom and full kitchen.
  • Gym cinema, study and coworking areas, communal kitchens, self service laundry, patio, and terraces.
  • High speed WiFi, water, electricity, heating, air conditioning and access to all facilities

*Students must be 18 years old or turn 18 during their stay at the residence.

Experience vibrant student living at aparto student, all within 3 minutes walk to the new TBS Education campus in Barcelona. 

The friendly team will welcome you to modern, best-in-class amenity spaces and feel inspired with the student community. 

You will have the great advantage of having your room booked near the TBS Education campus and peace of mind of the collaboration between aparto Barcelona Pallars and TBSEducation

  • 743 beds, with a variety of room types. You can choose your room, from a single ensuite room or a Twin with amazing shared living/kitchen spaces to a studio with a private kitchen, all with your very own private bathroom. 
  • Social spaces such as a gym, terrace with an infinity pool, laundry, cinema room… what’s not to love! 
  • WIFI, housekeeping, cleaning and maintenance service, utilities are All-Included. 
  • Amazing events and wellbeing programs from morning meet-ups to evening get-togethers.

*Students must be 18 years old or turn 18 during their stay at the residence.

Online agencies for student apartments

Advantages: reserve accommodation from your home country more securely than on other online search portals; cheaper accommodation. How much: 300–700 euros per month.
TBS Recommendation: Badi.

An unbeatable location

The 22@ project transforms the old industrial areas of Poblenou into a high-quality environment for working, living, and learning.

22@ district emerged in 2000 as an initiative of the Barcelona City Council to transform 200 hectares of industrial land in the Poblenou neighborhood into an innovative productive district with modern spaces for the strategic concentration of knowledge-intensive activities.

To achieve this objective, a new compact city model was created, where companies coexist with universities, research, training, and technology transfer centers, as well as housing, facilities, and green areas. TBS Education moves now to this dynamic area, close to the beach neighborhood.


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