Welcome to Christmas! A time for family celebrations, parties with friends, gifts and wonderful advertising campaigns that really touch our hearts. Christmas ads are like mini films that tell a story designed to evoke strong feelings: making us laugh, cry or crack a little smile. Because life is made up of little stories and emotions connect and help to sell. Enjoy our selection and… Happy Holidays!

Brand: John Lewis & Partners

Title: The Beginner / Agency: adam&eveDDB

John Lewis’ Christmas advertising always hits the mark, and this spot in particular will stick in the minds of consumers. A heartwarming and touching advert that shows a determination to find common ground despite the countless obstacles in the way. The story unfolds beautifully and ends with the arrival of a new addition to the household, reminding us once again of the importance of being together in the precious moments (even if they are also difficult).

Brand: J&B

Title: She / Agency: El Ruso de Rocky

This is one of the surprises of the advertising season. This highly viral spot chronicles the transformation of a grandfather in a small town in Spain and the beautiful story between him and his granddaughter. The brand has been able to reflect what many LGBTIQ+ people feel at this time of year while reaffirming its social commitment to diversity and inclusion. A clear manifestation of how the love that unites us is so great that it can overcome any prejudice or barrier that may separate us. 

Brand: Asda

Title: Have your Elf a Merry Christmas / Agency: Havas

Asda sets the nostalgic tone for the season by bringing one of its stores together with Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell. This is a technically smart ad, but it’s also full of heart and joy. Typically, spots featuring celebrities tend to have a problem with brand attribution: consumers love the ad, but don’t realize who is actually behind it. No such problem here: the Asda ad has a great flow and stands out for its message.

Brand: Boots

Title: Joy for all / Agency: The Pharm

Starring BAFTA-nominated actor Lydia West, this fantasy tells the amusing story of a girl who finds a pair of magic glasses on a bus that allow her to see what makes people happy: candles, a microphone or a photo of their pet. An immensely powerful idea: Christmas joy can come from the simplest of things, and they are never the most expensive.

Brand: McDonald’s  

Title: The List / Agency: Leo Burnett

An ad with good storytelling and great production. It is actually a little Christmas tale about the consumerism of this time of year, which introduces us to a boy who gets carried away writing his fanciful and never-ending Christmas list for Santa Claus. His list gets longer and longer, but the plot has a twist when the big day arrives and it gets severely shortened, reminding him of what truly matters.

Author: Joan Margarit, Marketing and Communication Analyst

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