On November 23rd, our new campus hosted the official inauguration of the new facilities in Barcelona. Being an important event, as any other appointment with such features, it is natural to think that it was very resource-consuming. However, The Yellow B made to make this appointment as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Carbon footprint reduction

This agency designed a whole sustainability strategy in order to reduce the carbon footprint, following an exhaustive estimation and, afterwards, a calculation to be able to compensate it once the event is finished. Our inauguration is calculated to produce a footprint of 0.44 tons of CO2, which later were made up for the Conservación de la Amazonía, located in Madre de Dios (Perú).

Emission compensation diploma

Due to the mentioned actions, TBS Education got a ceroco2 diploma, which is a proof of the emission compensation.

2030 SDG fulfillment and compromise

The Sustainable Development Goals gather measures to be taken action up to 2030 by the UN, with the purpose of thriving. During our inauguration, five SDG’s were achieved, involving equality, economic growth and labor, decrement of inequality, responsible consumption and production, and climatic action.

Some of these actions, along another 22, are the following ones:

  • Rejection of sexist messages of any kind, especially towards all women workers.
  • Providing all workers all the necessary and mandatory equipment for their safety and integrity to remain safe.
  • Prioritizing local providers.
  • Development of all protocolary actions in case someone with reduced mobility attends the event.
  • Spreading awareness of sustainability by tagging all the containers that will be used to keep all the waste generated.
  • All the carboard used needs to contain a certain percentage of recycled materials.
  • Lanyards or bracelets must be made with ecological materials, such as bamboo fiber, recycled polyester or cotton.
  • The organizing companies and providers must be aware of how to separate all the waste and how to save energy.
  • The space in which the event is taking place has to implement a system designed to pick up the waste properly separated, its storage and its selective retreat.
  • All the light bulbs, screens and lightning devices must be LED or low energy consumption based.

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