The TBS campus in Barcelona is organizing the first edition of the Equal ID Mentoring Program, which aims to support final year students in gender issues before they enter the workforce. Equal ID is a mentoring program that puts TBS students in contact with a woman manager who helps them to meet their goals.

Although this is the first edition in Barcelona, more than 300 students have taken part in Equal Id on the Toulouse campus since 2016.

During a year, students and managers will see each other 3 or 4 times, possibly remotely due to the pandemic. On November 9th, the launch of this first edition will take place in Barcelona. That day the students will meet their mentors, who will guide them throughout the year.

What’s the Project ID

equal ID logo

The project consists of a mentoring program focused mainly on helping them to achieve their salary and career goals, as well as supporting them in combating the self-censorship that young women often suffer. Equal ID will support students in their strategies and career choices, prepare them to fight the discriminatory behaviors they frequently encounter, help them to create their network, or to negotiate their salaries.

Equal ID has a series of educational activities, also aimed at male students. These activities go beyond simple words or awareness, they ask for real actions and solutions, to actively involve them. Another essential component of the project is research studies to document the mechanisms involved in disparities between women and men in the workplace.

Equal ID Program

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