Once again, for the third year in a row, TBS Education-Barcelona hosts the Equal.ID project, a non-mandatory program designed for third-year, female Bachelor in Management and Master students with the purpose of having active references of women managers or entrepreneurs.

This project consists of a mentoring program, in which enlisted students are awarded a mentor belonging to a high position in the business field. Yesterday, our TBS Education students attended the first meeting with their mentors, starting a relationship that is meant to last for the entire academic year. All along this time, students will have the chance to meet their mentors in order to solve all kinds of doubts related to workplace in business.

Equal.ID project

Why are we developing Equal.ID?

TBS Education is fighting for gender equality in all areas, especially when it comes to business. Therefore, manager women and entrepreneurs are role models that we intend to promote, and Equal.ID is a way to boost the following facts:

equal.ID logo project
  • Increase the network of our female students
  • Eradicate discrimination in the workplace based on gender
  • Spreading awareness of the industry, according to the experience of other women in the field
  • Provide active women in business role models
  • Understanding the procedures for a wage negotiation
  • Encourage our female students to be future leaders

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equal.ID project program

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