TBS in Barcelona Professor Wafa Khlif will be the new head of the “Accounting, Control and Performance Management” research laboratory. In this way, Khlif takes over from Anne Rivière, who was recently appointed Director of the Master in Management Program.

As announced by TBS Education’s General Director, Stéphanie Lavigne, “We are delighted that for the first time a teacher working on one of our campuses is taking on this role and this level of responsibility. This demonstrates the maturity achieved by TBS in running the school with all campuses,” she said.

The Professor Wafa Khlif

Wafa Khlif is a Ph.D., holder of the Habilitation for Research (HDR) and a professor at TBS since 2010. She is also a researcher recognized for the quality of her work and for her commitment to the development of the TBS campus in Barcelona.

The “Accounting, Control, and Performance Management” research group at TBS has been recognized for the quality and impact of its studies, especially for its commitment to social and environmental issues. The group’s four main research themes are related precisely to these types of impacts, investigating innovative practices in accounting and management control, as well as promoting changes at both the organizational and social levels.

waka khlif research

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