The prestigious Financial Times has published its international ranking of Masters in Management.

TBS Education’s Master in Management program has climbed 13 positions compared to 2021, reaching 50th place.

The Financial Times rankings

The Financial Times, Europe’s leading financial and economic media, uses a wide range of criteria to compile each of its seven annual rankings:

  • average salary three years after graduation
  • employment rate three months after graduation;
  • the ratio of the cost of education to student salaries;
  • the percentage of international students in the school;
  • the international mobility of students and the number of foreign professors
  • the percentage of female students and faculty.

To complete the rankings, the Financial Times prepares a series of online questionnaires based on information provided by the business schools themselves and alumni networks.

In the words of the Dean

Our progression in the Financial Times ranking is a testament to the hard work we have done on the school’s academic excellence and its international and intercultural dimension since I took up my position in 2020.
We are proud of our students, our network of graduates, our faculty and staff, and of course our partners with whom we continue to develop the school daily”

Stéphanie Lavigne, Dean of TBS Education

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