In Spain, 36% of management positions are held by women, two points more than a year ago, according to the Women in Business 2022 report by Grant Thornton.

“We have made progress, but today we can only say that one in three members of the management team is made up of women,” says Isabel Perea, audit partner at Grant Thornton.

Perea believes that there are still pending issues to be solved with “concrete, realistic and effective” actions. The auditing services firm points out that the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has generated a more flexible and diverse scenario in companies, which has led to an increase in the number of women in management positions.

At the same time, the percentage of companies with at least one woman in senior management has increased. The index is up six points compared to 2021 and is above the European average of 86% and the global average of 90%.

With this, Spain has managed to reposition itself as one of the ten countries with the highest presence of women in senior management. Climbing from fourteenth to tenth place. In 2022, South Africa is the country with the most female managers, with 42%, followed by Turkey and Malaysia, with 40%, the Philippines, with 39%, and Indonesia, Thailand, India, Brazil and Nigeria, with 38%.

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