Among the 147 best Business Schools worldwide, TBS Education’s Master in Management reaches the 67th position.

Schools from 34 countries around the world are ranked in this prestigious ranking according to 5 criteria of interest: value for money, academic reputation, alumni network, and diversity.

TBS Education continues its climb up the most prestigious rankings, and we are proud to announce the improvement of the Master in Management by five places in the QS Business Masters Ranking 2023. The TBS Education program is now ranked 67th out of 147.

Among the five criteria used to rank each school, TBS Education ranks tenth in terms of diversity. Anne Rivière, director of the Master in Management and MSc programs, emphasizes: “Beyond the 5-place progression of the Master in Management program in this international ranking, I am particularly proud to be among the top 10 in the world in this diversity criterion, which reflects both the gender balance in our classrooms and the great diversity of nationalities of teachers and students working together on our campuses in Toulouse, Barcelona, Paris, and Casablanca.”

5 QS ranking indicators

Employability: The Employer Reputation Index is a measure of employability based on the responses of 61,870 employers over the past five years. The graduate employment rate represents the percentage of graduates with a job offer within three months of graduation.

Academic Reputation: The Academic Reputation Index is an academic metric based on responses from more than 200,000 academics in 60 countries worldwide. It also considers the impact of research conducted by faculty in different areas and the percentage of PhDs among the faculty.

Profitability: the 10-year return on investment measures factors such as educational attainment, salary growth, and career progression.

Alumni Network: this indicator examines the number of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influencers in each school’s alumni group.

Student and faculty diversity: the gender balance and international mix of students and faculty.

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