I want to start off by asking you: What is ‘success’? How would you define it in your words? How does the word success make you feel?

If no answer comes to mind, I have compiled for you the success tips from three very popular public figures you may have heard of: Bill Gates, Michelle Obama and Ma’s (you can watch the videos using the links at the end of the article).

Bill Gates

After watching the video, I came out with the perfect definition of success by combining 3 tips I found in common with the three. I would like to share them with you:

The first one: Work intelligently. Working hard is not a synonym of working all the time. Have You ever gotten bursts of innovation or found a solution to a problem on vacation or during a relaxing holiday? If you answered yes, you already master productivity skills and work-life balance. That means you get very focused on your work but also feel comfortable taking time off from the routine to get inspired and think differently.

The second: you need to get others involved! By that, I mean involved in working for your success. In fact, particularly Michelle Obama and Bill Gates,  emphasize the crucial support of other leaders in their success. They certainly had to inspire all sorts of audiences, of course, but that is the result of their own determination. However, it is a ‘give and take’ situation.

To refer to the first tip in the article, taking time to reflect on how you can contribute to your peers’ success is an appropriate solution. You need to trust what people bring to you and what you bring to them in return.

The third and last one is probably one of most difficult to assimilate for: Have fun! I don’t know about you, but hearing the advice from top successful professionals in their field kind of took a weight off of my shoulders.Take life seriously and your job seriously is great but don’t take yourself too seriously is an advice I am happy I got. Life can be a game and you must play the rule game to thrive. Some of us forget the game is supposed to be fun.

In short, success comes from a balanced work-life situation, a success story that includes the success of others and lots of fun. In other words, success is the best expression of yourself in everything that you do. So how can a business school make you the next Bill Gates? How can Toulouse Business School (TBS) raise successful students? Well, three major points: the teaching of interculturality tolerance, empathy, and passion. Most importantly, it gives students the opportunity to express the best selves!

First of all, the opportunity given to students to be in a social group, surrounded by people from all over the world with different mindsets and experiences is an eye-opener. Being in class with them and listening to their point of view significantly broadens your worldview and makes you into a more tolerant, understanding and aware individual. You are then more likely to work abroad in the future. I personally realized that when I met a friend from Egypt at TBS Toulouse. He picked my mind on the influence of religion in society and how impacted the economy in his country. I definitely took a different perspective on the matter. I now feel more comfortable working with Egyptian professionals.

As you now know, TBS offers the opportunity to grow your mind by allowing its students to travel abroad for their second year in a partner university. An opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a new economy and culture.

Second of all, I would argue that TBS prepares you for success because it gives you the opportunity to risk and fail. Let me explain: Every group project, essay, presentation you work on is an opportunity to get past your limits and push your performances up. In a group, you will make sure to look for excellent results and join forces with your peers.

Finally, being in a school environment also allows you to make friends, choose topics you like and laugh at yourself which gives a sense of humor and fun attitude. Indeed, TBS organizes events and play roles regularly that allows students to exercise their knowledge while also having fun.


I didn’t want to let you go before commenting on my own experience at TBS. I was a third-year bachelor student at TBS Barcelona until the last march and this next paragraph is a testimony from my own experience as a bachelor student at TBS. I will comment on the skills and competences I developed and how I put me on the right path to success.

Technical skills: Competitive analysis grids, Gantt charts, SWOT analysis have no secrets for me any longer.Indeed, during classes, theoretical knowledge and practical exercises are offered. In addition, being a general school, you have the chance to learn about general business and develop an affinity for one of the subjects. I personally enjoyed sales, marketing, and management. I then did internships in those sectors.

Interpersonal competencies: Workshops sessions, career starter coaching sessions both allowed me to answer doubts about my future and have someone by my side to advise me on which career path. They also prepared me for accessing the dream job. One of which is the interview preparation.

Networking events: a friend of mine and myself launched our company last summer, called the student box. TBS and TBS alumni supported us through the process. From professional contacts to related professional events. The first step towards success and a good training of empathy and communication.

We now know that having the combination of all these factors guides you to a successful career. The best part is Toulouse business school gives you all the tools and resources to make it happen.

Now I want to hear from you! If you liked the article, please share it with your friends.

What is success: interview of Michelle Obama, Bill Gates and Jack Ma:




Théo Beyts, former TBS Bachelor student

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