Professor Tomomi Kozaki, from the Department of International Relations and Development Economics of the Senshu University of Kyoto, visited the campus of the TBS Education in Barcelona on 29th October. The professor, who is Japanese, was in charge of leading a conference on the progress of relations between China and the Unites States, their impact and their changes.

In recent months, the relations between the two countries have attracted the attention of the international news media. Today, China and the United States are regarded as the giants of the world economy. Their relationship determines and influences the economic development of many other countries.


For United States, under Trump ,Economic security is inseparable from national security”, Professor Kozaki pointed out, alluding to the theory of the American economist Peter Navarro. Indeed, the professor considered that, with Donald Trump as President, relations with China have changed both economically and militarily. Since he took office, the Chinese government has been overtly criticising the strategy of the Trump administration.

“By contrast, in the last days of Obama’s term of office, the strategy with China was based on collaboration”, said the professor from Kyoto. Finally, he reviewed the strategy of Japan in relation to the European Union.

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