On Monday, 14th October, a group of 30 students from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Cali, Colombia, came to the campus of TBS in Barcelona to attend a seminar on digital transformation. They were received on our campus with a breakfast to welcome them to the city that was to host them for five days.

The programme, coordinated by the professor Yancy Vaillant, included practical classes that were led by Sébastien Bauer, coordinator of the Social innovation & Change programme and mentor in business starter, and others by the engineer Rubén Canovas, an expert in digital consultancy and problem-solving. Lessons were also given by the researcher Joan A. Pastor-Collado, and by Luis Rodríguez Salgado, an expert in the training of entrepreneurs.

Outstanding among the students’ activities was a visit to the Port of Barcelona, where they attended, in the southern part of the port, a presentation of the apparatus used for the environmental control of the aquifer: a Digital Twin which will increase the competitivity of the infrastructure and improve the services offered. The students were also invited to enliven their visit a little with a boat trip around the port.

The programme continued on Tuesday with a visit to the digital office of the future, the everis Living Lab, which is a multi-functional area where the best technologies and business solutions for accelerating the process of digital transformation are selected, implemented and optimised. On Thursday the Columbian students had an opportunity to study the third-generation scientific infrastructure ALBA. This is an electron-accelerator complex which is used to produce synchrotron light, which allows the atomic and molecular structure of materials to be seen, and their characteristics to be studied.

It was then time to say farewell, with a visit to the Moritz factory, in the heart of Barcelona. A tour of the building’s corridors and history, accompanied by a beer-tasting, put the final touches to a fascinating experience in the Catalan capital.

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