The Classement Licence Management Général & Gestion d’entreprise TOP 25 ranking 2023, published by Eduniversal, has placed TBS Education in second position with the Bachelor in Management program.

Methodology used in the ranking

Since 2002, Eduniversal has been working on classifications and evaluations of schools, universities and specialized schools based on the intervention of three agents:

  • Companies
  • Students
  • Higher education institutions

These three agents are studied in depth in order to give conclusive results that are extracted from their interventions and their interaction with each other. In addition, there are three fundamental criteria that Eduniversal selects from the three agents mentioned:

  • Notoriety: it is about the reputation, recognition and visibility of schools.
  • Salary of the first job: it compares salaries that schools announce in their programs with the ones that are actually earned when the students have completed their education.
  • Student satisfaction: it collects the student’s feedback.

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