How Decathlon leverages digital technologies for circular economy
  • Language: English
  • Date and time: Thursday, March 23rd at 14:30hs
  • Place: TBS Education Campus – Barcelona. Calle Venezuela, 116 (Barcelona)

How does a large company like Decathlon use new technologies to promote the circular economy? This and other questions will be answered on March 23rd at 14:30hs at the business school TBS Education – Barcelona campus at 116 Venezuela Street.

In the conference How Decathlon leverages digital technologies for circular economy, which will be given in English, the founder and co-leader of We play circular, Luc Teerlinck, will be accompanied by Professor Ph.D. Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei, director of the MSc Digital Transformation & Business Innovation program at TBS Education.

The revolutionary We play circular project presents a new business model for Decathlon, based on digital technologies and data and rethinking concepts such as program obsolescence, business regeneration, and reconciling environmental damage reduction with business growth.

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