Last week, some of our third-year Bachelor in Management students presented their 3D Printed Homes project in front of a jury, including TBS Education professors, entrepreneurs and business angels.

This project, in which our students Amélie Averous-Chareton, Douaa Zrida, Alexia Harmonie Fowang, Ismail Samir, Yousra Bennis Feddoul and Reda Farhi have been working since the past seven months, aims to revolutionize the housing industry in Catalonia by using 3D printing technology.

The process

“Imagine being able to build a high-quality, customizable house on-site, in a fraction of the time (two months) it would take using traditional construction methods. […] Our process works by using a large-scale 3D printer to create the walls and structural components of the house on-site, layer by layer”, explained our students.

In addition to this, they claimed to be using sustainable materials, which will not compromise the quality of the buildings due to the cutting-edge technology. However, it benefits the expenses since they get down.

Motivation and target

Our students observed how difficult it is for young people in Catalonia (and Spain), especially in Barcelona, to find accommodation or have a comfortable place to live without sharing with relatives or other students.

This realization led them to consider the housing market as a target in Catalonia for its strong demand and to provide a better future for costumers. Moreover, they also had into consideration the significant housing imbalance in the outskirts of big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the historical tradition of architectural innovation and design in Spain.


The main challenges faced in this project have been the following ones:

  • Finding talented professionals to work with
  • Complex legal and regulatory landscape in the housing industry

However, our students managed to overcome them by networking within the industry, building relationships, investing in research and consultation with legal experts, and working closely with local authorities and community stakeholders.

Future expectations

“We wish to continue our studies but have decided to continue working on this project in parallel, in order to explore all the opportunities available to us. We are determined to see how far this project can take us, while skilfully managing our schedule to balance our studies and our work on this project”, they said.

Special mentions

Our students had a long way through this project, which also involved several professionals to whom our students would like to thank for their guidance and help:

  • Professor Xavier Gasso, for mentoring the project and advising them
  • Professor Yancy Valliant, for sharing his knowledge and giving our students plenty of opportunities
  • Professor Joanna Pousset, for her presence and help anytime our students had any question

Last but not least, this project took part of the Babson Challenge, an experience that allowed our students to learn skills and gain confidence.

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