An influencer is someone who stands out in the networks and influences the people around them, becoming a role model. Before influencers, throughout our academic life, those who have the greatest influence on our growth (apart from our family) are our teachers, who we listen to, take as references and guide us in our personal growth.

This is why education and teachers must always be up to date with social and technological changes, and innovate to adapt to the language of the new generations. But it is not only technology that reaches the classroom, education is increasingly leaving the classroom and gaining a presence on the internet. Who are the influencers in education?

Influencer teachers

Probably the most famous educational influencer in Spanish is David Calle, better known as Unicoos. This engineer and academy teacher became famous for his YouTube videos explaining STEM subjects for secondary school students. Many students who were unable to understand the syllabus for their exams with more classical educational methods, did connect with his videos. Today she has 1.43 million subscribers to his channel. According to Forbes magazine, he is one of the 100 most creative people in the world and was a finalist in the 2017 Global Teacher Prize.

Influencers for teachers

It’s not just students who are looking for teacher influencers, education professionals are also looking for advice on how to improve their classes and teaching methods. Michel Griffo is a teacher and runs the account Apples and ABCs, where she posts suggestions for activities and resources for other teachers. Other similar accounts for educational materials in Spanish are Entre_tea by Teresa Sánchez or Creaduca by Anna Mas.

Other profiles joke about the day-to-day life of teachers, for example, Maestra de Pueblo, popular on Instagram and Twitter for joking about her experiences at school.

Tips for studying

Another type of educational influencer that is a hit on the networks is the profiles that give tips on how to study. We find profiles that explain how to summarise information, how to make beautiful notes, how to concentrate… One such influencer is Jessica Holsman, who advises on how to be productive when studying. She has a YouTube channel called “Study With Jess” and an Instagram profile with more than 42.4 thousand followers.

TBS’ project

TBS has its own educational project on YouTube. It is a series of videos that explain concepts from the world of finance through humor. These videos are part of the project “Teaching through humor” by TBS professor David Stolin in collaboration with actor Sammy Obeid. Besides, this initiative was awarded at the Excellence Awards 2021 AMBA & BGA, as the best innovative strategy.

If you also want to join TBS, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or our MSc.

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