Podcasts are in vogue. More and more people around us are recommending their favorite programs, just as they do with series or films. It is not only fashionable to consume them, but it is also becoming popular to start podcasts, even if it is just to have a good time chatting with friends or as a hobby. The current offer is huge and on a wide variety of topics, from movies, fashion, sports, or even conversations between friends without any particular topic. The infinity of subjects allows us to choose what we are most interested in and listen to it whenever we want.

Listening to a podcast is not necessarily as time-consuming as following a series, but like listening to music or the radio, it can be done simultaneously with other tasks or while on the move. There are podcasts of all lenghts, from short 10-minute capsules to long programs of more than an hour.

Where can I listen to podcasts?

The platform most used by content creators in the state is Ivoox, which then uploads them to other platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, or Google Podcast.

How can they succeed if there are so many of them?

Some experts attribute the key to the success of some podcasts to the fact that they manage to create a very loyal community of followers who listen to them. Listening to someone once a week ends up creating a sense of familiarity, like series or some radio programs. Without realizing it, one day you’re walking down the street laughing just because you’re immersed in a conversation between friends.

This format has managed to hook people who may not have listened to the radio very much, although it is still a way of consuming radio that is more similar to the streaming platforms that are increasingly gaining strength over conventional media.

In addition to entertainment podcasts, there are a large number of popular programs that allow us to learn about many different topics from experts and in a very entertaining way. That is why today we bring you 10 podcasts on economics, finance, and marketing.

Our 10 recommendations

  • The Circular Economy Show

Hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The Circular Economy Show podcast aims to provide a venue for discussion on “how to move from a linear economy of waste taking and production to a circular economy”. The presenters talk to businesses, policymakers, and designers to find solutions to global challenges – more sustainable and responsible solutions. For example, they have a whole series of episodes dedicated to the fashion industry. The episodes are in English, are around 40 minutes long, and are published every two weeks.

  • Planet Money

You may already be familiar with Planet Money because of their Tik Toks about the economy. In the same way as in the social network, they also explain concepts related to the economy through their podcast, with very close and clear language. The episodes are in English and last about 20 minutes.

  • Girl Boss Radio

Another popular podcast is Girlboss Radio. Each episode is an interview with a successful woman, with whom hosts Sophia Amouruso and Neha Gandhi chat and laugh for about 30-40 minutes.

  • 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

In this BBC podcast, Tim Harford tells stories about inventions and innovations that have helped create the economic world as we know it today. Each episode is a short capsule of about 10 minutes that tells a specific story.

  • FT News Briefing

FT News Briefing is a Financial Times podcast that provides 10 minutes of financial news highlights every morning to start the day.

  • Marketing over Coffee

They define themselves as the “intersection between marketing and technology” and aim to cover both classic and new marketing. Marketing over Coffee is a podcast with episodes of about 20 minutes with lots of marketing tips and tricks as well as interviews.

  • Social Pros Podcast

Social Pros Podcast is one of the most popular marketing podcasts in the world. It won the award for best podcast at the Content Marketing Awards. The episodes, about 45 minutes long, focus on social media marketing.

  • Emprendimiento: Libros para emprendedores

In terms of business podcasts in Spanish, Libros para Emprendedores offers in each episode a summary of “useful books for entrepreneurs”, which can be on business, marketing, sales, management, or personal management.

  • 80/20: el podcast de Reason Why

The digital news and research media on marketing, advertising, and economics offers podcasts with interactive transcription. The creators named it 80/20 because, as they explain on their website, its content is 80% rigorous content on marketing, advertising, and economics; and 20% humor and scripted outlets.

  • TED Business

The famous TED Talks also have their own podcast focused on the business world. These are inspirational talks that give us advice on how to carry out our ideas, how to get promoted, or how to set smart goals. Although Ted Business is in English, you can also find episodes on entrepreneurship and economics on the TED en Español podcast.

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Podcasts recommendations

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