TBS Education-Barcelona and the NGO Càritas have been working hand in hand for years on social projects, especially with our Bachelor in Management students. In addition to this, as an academic institution, we are part of the agreement of the Univeristats amb cor program, which advocates the involvement of universities in the transmission of values such as justice, solidarity, hope and dignity, among others.

Every year, our school makes a selection of Bachelor or Master’s Final Projects that include a social perspective. These projects are awarded to Càritas, whose selected members gather in a committee to choose the best one. This, therefore, receives an Honorary Distinction; however, there has also been a Special Mention for a preselected project.

Honorary Distinction Awards by Càritas

Honorary Distinction Awards by Càritas

Honorary Distinction

This award has been given to the Blu-Flamingo project to the following Bachelor in Management students:

  • Léo Barbe
  • Glen Grutzke
  • Romain Tricault
  • Sheikh Muhammad Asad Saghir
  • Cameron Mitchell-Harris
  • Juan Diego Galindo
  • Paul Pinguenet

This group also took part in the Collaborative Global Student Challenge, a competition by Babson College in which different business projects from Bachelor and Master students are evaluated. After qualifying in the semifinals, the Blu-Flamingo team has been ranked among the top 10 of this year’s edition.

Special Mention

This recognition has been given to the Ecovision Consulting project to the following Bachelor in Management students:

  • Alberto Aviles
  • Daria Arkhangelskaya
  • Dario Galasso
  • Samuele Ronchi
  • Zoe Colsenet

The award ceremony

The awards ceremony took place on our campus, where the students of the awarded projects attended, as well as members of different TBS departments. Moreover, three representatives of Càritas, Fernando Porta, Marta Plujà and Felix Riera, gave the diplomas.

Yancy Vaillant, professor in the Entrepreneurship itinerary of the Bachelor in Management, and Basak Canboy, professor in the Sustainable Business itinerary of the Bachelor in Management, were also attending the event, as well as Delphine Anau, Head of Corporate relations & Career Services of our campus.

“It is the first time that we have combined the two itineraries, which has given a good result because it has contributed to finding a social and sustainability perspective to the projects. In addition, we are proud that the winning team has been selected to participate in the semi-finals of an international competition, representing TBS Educatoin”.

Professor Yancy Vaillant

You can learn more about our Bachelor in Management here:

representatives of Càritas gave the diplomas.

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