In the last weeks weeks, two study trips have been carried out by our MSc students: our MSc International Business students visited Amsterdam, and our MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing students went to Paris.

These activities are part of a complementarity that is provided to TBS students in order to enrich their learning. This way, more practical teaching methods are used, and students are brought closer to the professional field during their studies.

Visit to Amsterdam

Between March 15th and 17th, our MSc International Business students visited the capital of the Netherlands to learn first-hand about international business dynamics, the skills required and the specific peculiarities of national policies.

These are the activities that our students attended to:

Meeting at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science with Paul Barreveld

Paul Barreveld director of Catalonia Trade & Investment in the Netherlands, explained our students how ACCIÓ (agency for the business competitiveness of Generalitat de Catalunya) works and its key role for both the internationalization of Catalan and Dutch companies, as well as when it comes to negotiations between both territories. In fact, the Netherlands is among the top ten investors in Catalonia.

Meeting with Mark H. van Niekerk

Mark H. van Niekerk is the Operations Manager of FRES (Foundation Rural Energy Services), which is an NGO that looks forward to accelerating the electrification of sub-Saharan regions with local companies. In addition, Mark H. van Niekerk had not only explained his experience in his job, but has also talked about the different alternatives with which the African demand can be provided through sustainable development in order to achieve economic, educational and security improvements: through solar home systems, mini grids and multifunctional platforms. However, the methods used depend on the needs of every region.

Visit to Royal Flora Holland

Royal Flora Holland is a flower cooperative that brings together growers worldwide, coping for their interests and sustainable growth. Our students have learned about the interaction between flower growers, buyers and third parties, who are connected through a digital platform that offers them a wide range of services with the purpose of placing orders, making payments and tracking deliveries in order to reach success in a sustainable business model for all the agents involved. Last but not least, our students were able to follow an auction in which 43 million flowers were at stake.

Visit to Paris

On the other hand, our MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing students have travelled to Paris with a schedule full of visits to haute couture, jewelry, luxury and exclusivity stores.

The most remarkable locations were especially focused on concept stores, as one of the planned activities was a guided tour of luxury concept stores, among which the Louis Vuitton concept store stands out: Dream Concept Store.

Observing and analyzing of these kinds of stores have been an example for our students, since it has provided a wide selection of different companies and business models that put huge efforts into delivering an experience to their customers.

Other activities worth of mention are the Fragonard Perfume Museum, exploring the world of haute couture through Yves Saint-Laurent and, most importantly, visits to jewelers located at Place Vendôme, a square that gathers renowned brands such as Courbet, Buccellati, David Morris, Graff and Qeelin.

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