On January 25th, we have hosted a debate about corporate governance and sustainability at the TBS Education-Barcelona campus. The aim of such activity was building an argument regarding the compatibility of sustainability in corporate governance.

The professor who moderated this debate, Wafa Khlif, gave us some of the takeaways from it, which was part of her class “corporate governance and sustainability”:

  • “Sustainability” is an ambiguous concept that must be studied in depth in order to avoid the manipulation of this term.
  • Boundaries: corporate governance may have the need to set limits, as long as they are correct and enforceable, to enable sustainability, even if it takes a minima of corruption in society.
  • Reconnection: “Humans need to reconnect with Nature, but cannot do it without changing the intellectual framework, back to Spinosa or/and reconsidering: “nous n’avons jamais été modernes” by Latour.”
  • Regenerative economy: there has to be an engagement with digitalization in order to build a sustainable and regenerative economy – “reading Steigler again and again”, adds Khlif.

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