A group of third-year Bachelor in Management students, specializing in Fashion & Luxury, have developed an innovative project: Gymtive, which focuses on women’s sportswear and bras that allows tanning without marks.

This was part of an e-commerce project gravitating around trends in retail and fashion such as active wear, genderless fashion, recycling and upcycling and personalized haute couture. Six projects were developed for this challenge; however, Gymtive was voted as a remarkable one.

Inspiration and motivation

Our students Leona Kalenikova, Anaïs Armando, Sarah Vincent, Elna Jannati and Camila Naisipa told us about the main motivation to develop Gymtive: the lack of offer. As they explained us, this kind of clothing is already available when it comes to swimwear. However, sport bras are large and thick, which is a problem when practicing sports outdoors.

Thus, Gymtive aims for women to feel more confident, as well as promoting the symbol of athleisure.

The process

Besides of having difficulties finding the right materials to let the right sunlight go throughout the sports bras, our students also faced some challenges regarding to the distribution challenges:

«We were wondering about our distribution channels, we first thought to do subscriptions as other brands like Fabletics but after many reflections drop shipping was the more convenient idea for our new brand. In fact, we will choose the best business partner who reflects the value of our brand and engages itself and his company to a circular economy».

Future expectations

Our five students seem to be thrilled by the outcomes of this project. However, they would need big efforts to put on for eventually launching it.

«So far, we are all from different backgrounds which would make it difficult to put this project into practice without a mentor to help us […]. Even if it remains in a corner of our minds…», they said.

This is just one of many successful projects that TBS Education-Barcelona inspires through our teaching methods and programs.

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