According to the World’s Best Cities report, published by Resonance Consultancy, Barcelona is the sixth best city in the world to live, study and work, only after the following cities: London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Dubai. In the 2023 edition, Barcelona has scaled three positions compared to the previous year.

Our city is very well known for having favorable and attractive climatic, labor and financial conditions, both for adults and young people. However, this report goes beyond these basic features, exploring parameters of 100 cities in the world with a population of over one million inhabitants.

The six p’s

This report analyzes six key factors related to the dynamics and day-to-day life of the shortlisted cities.

  • Place: it refers to the general perception of the quality of the city, from both locals and tourists.
  • Product: it is about the main attractions of the city, institutions, infrastructures and university rankings, among many other attributes.
  • Programming: it includes the cultural agenda and leisure time activities that cities offer.
  • People: it refers to immigration, diversity and educational rates.
  • Prosperity: it essentially focuses on economic activity, employability and employment rate, as well as GDP per capita and labor opportunities.
  • Promotion: it is about collecting references, reviews, and online data logs, such as the number of searches on Google or hashtags on Instagram.

Barcelona’s charm and tourism

Among the six parameters described, our city stands out in the top positions of place and product, which shows a decreasing trend when it comes to the tensions of past years related to mass tourism, which requires exhaustive management, especially because of tourist rentals.

Moreover, Barcelona’s good positioning in these categories is due to the transformation of the city into a green and sustainable metropolis by the implementation of measures such as the restriction of traffic in certain areas, the promotion of public transport and the commitment to the so-called “superblocks”, which will guarantee the well-being of pedestrians for them to have more accessible areas.

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