TBS Education is defined by values such as sustainability, responsibility and awareness in the business field, being respectful with sustainable development defined by corporate social responsibility (CSR), which includes features such as commitment to the environment.

All in all, TBS Education’s engagement with these values has clearly been shown in the new ranking published by ChangeNOW and Les Echos START, focused on the analysis of different parameters of business and engineering schools in France. Within these parameters, the commitment of each school towards the ecological transition is measured.

When it comes to business schools, 27 institutions have taken part of this edition. Thus, TBS Education reached the top 7 with 112 points, meaning that we have a remarkable presence in the parameters used to develop the concise methodology of this ranking, which includes the six following blocks:

  • Ecological impact density within the program
  • Alumni network and access to employment in the ecological impact market
  • Strategy and publication of objectives
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Involvement of student associations and awareness-raising campaigns
  • Academic excellence and employability

TBS Education puts a great effort into promoting activities, seminars and programs that seek sustainability, as well as environmental commitment. A clear example of this is our MSc Sustainable Financial Management with Data Analytics program.

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