The TBS Education-Barcelona campus has recently received LEED GOLD and WELL Platinum certifications for its commitment to high quality and sustainability standards.

Barcelona, one of the most committed cities in Spain, is making remarkable strides towards sustainability. With 76% of its properties being energy-efficient, the city sets an inspiring example for others to follow.

Almost one-fifth of the goals of the 2030 Agenda are related to the circular economy. Care for the environment and the fight against climate change have become values already part of all sectors of this society. Spanish companies emit 35% less carbon emissions than the European average, according to data collected by the ESG Index of the ESG firm Deepki.

The situation is increasingly optimistic, considering that the plan for the recovery, transformation and resilience of the economy in Spain also has the ‘Spain Can Plan’, an initiative that proposes for the Spanish urban agenda the construction of 20,000 new and energy-efficient homes, actions directly related to the ambitions launched by the government in 2018: to obtain 75% of its electricity from renewable energies by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

Similarly, it is believed that 79% of sustainable real estate assets will be more profitable in the next four years, as revealed by Deepki’s ‘Integrating ESG into commercial real estate investment” study. As a result, more and more companies want to invest in sustainable real estate and thus contribute to reducing environmental impact.

TBS Education-Barcelona understands the multifaceted benefits of adopting eco-friendly practices.

“Sustainability in the business world pursues objectives that go beyond economic value, such as connecting with a more aware public, although the truth is that there is also a direct relationship with increased competitiveness, innovation, and a reduction in production costs, which are essential benefits for a business,” reveals Mònica Martínez, Deputy Director and Finances, Administration and Human Resources Manager at TBS Education-Barcelona.


TBS Education Barcelona Campus landscape view
TBS Education – Barcelona new campus.

The United Nations Global Compact estimates that 2023 is a significant year for advances in corporate sustainability for companies, and, for the moment, private companies have the advantage, with 86% of them, compared to 49% in the case of public companies, having already implemented measures or policies related to the circular economy. Barcelona has been one of the most innovative Spanish cities in this regard, creating a technological space that incorporates buildings directly committed to design and sustainability, as is the case of 22@, which already has 76% of the contracted surface area corresponding to energy-efficient buildings.

TBS Education-Barcelona has also designed a plan directly related to sustainability in the design of its new building located in this area of Barcelona.
TBS Education – Barcelona new campus.

In this sense, TBS Education-Barcelona has also designed a plan directly related to sustainability in the design of its new building located in this area of Barcelona. The new, innovative, and fully eco-responsible facilities have recently received LEED GOLD and WELL Platinum sustainability certifications for their commitment to high quality and sustainability standards. LEED accreditation positions TBS Education-Barcelona as a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and is backed by an industry-wide array of committed organizations and individuals paving the way for market transformation. To earn LEED certification, a building must meet specific performance criteria in several categories, including Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Water Efficiency.

WELL accreditation means that TBS Education-Barcelona has an improved environment for employees, customers and visitors, increased employee productivity and satisfaction, and consequently, employee retention within the company. With this, TBS Education-Barcelona continues working to take the school to the next level.

But not only TBS Education-Barcelona campus is moving towards sustainability, so are our programs. Our MSc Sustainable Financial Management with Data Analytics include in their content program the effects of international corporate governance from a sustainable perspective. The program provides an opportunity for you to take on a leadership role in driving the necessary shift towards sustainability that companies currently demand. It includes a dedicated module that focuses on acquiring the Certificate in ESG Investing, which is offered by the CFA Institute.

TBS education Barcelona Campus.

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