• Status: Student
  • Current country: Finland

My name is Artem Kislukhin. Born in Russia, I became an international student quite early after I attended several schools across the globe. When choosing a high school, I decided to go to Finland, a country well-known for its exceptional quality of education, where I joined the IB program in one of the most highly-ranked schools.

I’m an aspiring Business Designer and a third-year Business IT student in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I am an energetic learner especially curious about the world of entrepreneurship: by taking numerous supplementary courses I am doing my best to explore the business universe from different perspectives.

From the very beginning of my studies in my alma mater, I have set myself a goal not to lose a single minute of education. While summer is the season when most people go on vacations, I felt that it was something I absolutely could not afford. As a starting entrepreneur, I see summer school experience essential for supporting my university studies and cultural development.

Why choose Barcelona Summer School

What grabbed my attention is that the TBS Summer School program promised to go beyond the conventional classroom experience by emphasizing the fun approach to education and the international spirit of the school. I decided to go to Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, to use a unique opportunity to study together with talented peers from all over the world. For a fluent communicator with almost four languages, it was the best possible location to practice Spanish and benefit from being immersed in the international environment.

The school’s dynamic program with engaging extracurricular activities gave me a chance to study new subjects and get memories that last a lifetime. I must stress that it was smooth organization and excellent choice of activities that helped us, students, to relax and enjoy our summer. My personal favourite was the tour to the second-largest port in Europe, which brought me a new insight into logistics and transportation, essential subjects for every business degree student. This visit also involved an informative and fun motorboat excursion in the port, where I had a one-of-a-kind chance to interview several industry professionals.

The module offer was just right for me: I picked two courses which I thought would support my major studies best and improve my understanding of the entrepreneurship’s nature. New Venture Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation courses revealed the close interplay between startups and finance. The engaging curriculum together with inspiring classes led by expert professionals Dr. Evandro Bocatto and Dr. Eloisa Perez familiarized me with advanced research tools which I can now use confidently. I am sure that it was our teachers’ passion and openness that made the difference to the studying process.

After coming back to my studies in Haaga-Helia, I have noticed a creative change in my mindset, and I am sure that it is the TBS Education which triggered it. I have lots of reasons to believe that my TBS summer was the springboard to the world of entrepreneurship, and to tell the truth, it was in Barcelona where my new startup idea was born.

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to become part of the TBS community and enjoy the Spanish sun together with my international peers and future startupers, who cannot afford to waste their precious time and prefer to go an extra mile to challenge themselves.

About TBS Summer School program in Barcelona

At the TBS Barcelona Summer School, you’ll gain a digital-focused entrepreneurial perspective on business. As part of the program, you’ll be required to complete two academic modules, each carrying a total of 6 ECTS credits, selected from the following options: Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Fashion and Luxury goods, Finance, Omnichannel retail strategy, Social Media, Sustainable Marketing

Artem Kislukhin, student from TBS Summer School in Barcelona

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