• Status: Student
  • Current country: Spain

I chose TBS because of its creative, dynamic, and innovative program. You have the opportunity to study business, learn languages, study abroad and do internships. The university’s reputation (rankings) and academic quality also played a role, as did the triple accreditation.

In Madrid, I started studying ADE (Business Administration). I didn’t like it, which is why I was looking for programs in Management. At TBS, I found the Bachelor in Management, which offered just what I was looking for. I also knew people from the French Lycée who had studied with me and who were satisfied. Besides, this program offers many job opportunities and provides a strong basis for my education.

My experience has been positive. I have acquired a lot of knowledge in business in a practical way that can be useful for my professional development. The teaching, being less traditional and more innovative, allows for a better understanding of concepts such as, for example, group work, presentations… My English has improved a lot, and I am also learning German, of which I have an intermediate level. Almost all my classmates are international, which offers the possibility to connect and learn with other cultures.

I have already done an internship at Okaïdi, a French children’s fashion company, where I have been working for the last 2 years. My work experience in Okaïdi has been an essential key in my training. It has allowed me to see the reality of the workplace, how the company works, knowing how to be with your colleagues, bosses… In customer service, I have been able to practice all the languages I speak, English, Spanish, Catalan, French, and a bit of German, and know how to deal with customers, not to lose my temper in moments of tension.

On a professional level, I see myself working in one of my passions, maybe in an art or design company, because I have been in an art academy for many years and I am a very creative person. Also, I have been a tennis player, so Sport Management appeals to me. My knowledge in the sector, the passion I have for tennis, and the languages I speak could help me to stand out. Finally, as I mentioned before, I speak five languages, I am very outgoing and communicative, so I also see myself in the future in the public relations and communication sector.

On a personal level, I see myself living in Castelldefels, where I have lived all my life, with Spain’s environment and quality of life that I have found nowhere else.

I am currently on exchange in Finland. The experience has been great but also difficult. I arrived three weeks ago and what I have experienced so far has been very positive. Even so, the culture shock is quite strong, for example, we see the sun only a few hours a day, and being at -25 degrees when you have lived all your life on the beach is a big change. On the other hand, despite the situation we are living in, I have met a lot of interesting people, and I have been able to travel and get to know Finland. The classes are online, but they are very dynamic. At Aalto Business School they have a very different and original educational system, so I am learning a lot. The people are very open, they always help you when you need something, and they are very attentive. In the residence, I am accompanied by my Spanish neighbors, so I feel at home. The landscapes in Finland are spectacular and unique. Everything is very different from my life in Spain.

My experience at TBS despite the complicated covid situation has been very positive. From the first day of confinement, we had online classes through Zoom and we didn’t lose any time. As we have continued to do group work online, I have been able to meet new and international people. From this experience, I have made many virtual friendships and learned how to meet people differently. The teachers, coordinators, directors have been present on Zoom, Skype, or Mail for any questions or support. When the situation improved, we were able to do a week of face-to-face classes and a week of online classes, which was positive to be able to combine the two teaching methods and get the best out of each of them.

Paula López Testimonial

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