2020 has not been an easy year. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has radically changed our lives and the economic and social impacts of climate change are increasingly visible. Now more than ever new ideas are needed. We have to face huge challenges that require urgent changes in our way of life.

In just a few months we have seen how the world has thrown itself into the search for solutions to the pandemic, from small companies that collaborated making masks or respirators as best they could, to the development of vaccines that in a few months will surely bring us back to normal. In a very short time, teachers around the world have had to rethink the way they teach and have had to use new applications and methods. All this would not have been possible without great innovative ideas and the people behind them. There is no doubt that inspiration is the engine that moves the world and drives change.

Inspire and raise awareness

The climate crisis will be the cause of the following major challenges that we will have to face as a society. At TBS, we have been committed to sustainability for years in all of our departments. We are aware of the importance of training the leaders of the future, which is why we educate our students in corporate social responsibility from the very beginning. TBS is also committed to empowering the creativity of its students, helping them find inspiration and realize their professional ambitions. If we want real change in the world, we need responsible and committed leaders.

What would a world without inspiration look like?

What would a world without inspiration look like? For us, it is unimaginable, as we would never advance and would never have come this far. At TBS, we do our best to ensure that there is always an atmosphere of creativity in our school. Inspiration is contagious, being inspired inspires others, and together we bring great projects to life.

If you also have ideas and want to make a difference, find out about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or one of our MSc programs.

we wish you an inspiring 2021

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