Bayes’ Theorem, credit amortization, psychological pricing… These concepts, for someone inexperienced in the field, may sound boring or very complex. If we look for information about them on the internet we find formulas and definitions hard to understand for someone who wants to start making their way or who is curious about the world of finance.

Now, what if someone explained to us why we are willing to pay more than 900 euros for a certain model of iPhone? Or what if they could predict the probability that we are watching a horror movie every time we see a clown on TV? What if they also told us about it with a touch of humor? We would probably be more curious and pay more attention.

This is precisely what TBS professor David Stolin does in collaboration with comedian Sammy Obeid with his educational videos. Like that passionate friend who always explains his interests to us, Obeid explains concepts and theories that might otherwise be confusing or boring to us, with humor, but above all in a clear way.

An award-winning project

In fact, this project has led them to the final of the Excellence Awards 2021 AMBA & BGA, as the best innovation strategy. In addition, Stolin and Obeid participated in the annual meeting of the Academy of Management last August with an online workshop, which was voted Best Teaching and Learning Conference out of nearly 50 sessions.

This project demonstrates the importance of pedagogical innovation at TBS, as well as the school’s effort to reinvent itself. The videos are available on Youtube, as well as on the TBS website.

If you are interested in the content of these videos or their learning methods, find out more about our Bachelor in Management, our Master in Management, or our MSc programs.

Teaching with humor

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